Postpartum Moms Swear Getting This No-Wire Bra Is the Best Thing They've Done For 'the Girls'

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Even though I didn't breastfeed my son, after having him my boobs were unrecognizable. None of my bras fit right or offered the support they needed in their new engorged-to-droopy state. And this is in no way a unique problem unto myself. Ask any mama how she feels about "the girls" after she's had a baby, and she'll likely twist up her nose like something in the room stinks. 

So when we heard about a bra that postpartum moms with "battered" boobs rave about, we just had to share.

  • The product new and seasoned moms can't stop talk about? This simple no-frills bra by Bali.

    The "Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra" is apparently designed with "smart sizing" in mind, meaning it has a four-way stretch fabric, wide straps, and special knit-in zones to provide targeted support. The bra ranges in sizes XS to 3XL, and it's made with an easily accessible hook and eye closure. Prices depend on size and style, but the max you'll pay on Amazon is $75 (though, I've yet to come across the size and color combo that exceeds $28).

    Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra with Smart Sizes Bra ($14.49 to $75, Amazon

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  • Within the 2,964 reviews, roughly 78% of them ranked this bra as 4 stars or higher. In particular, postpartum moms are especially in love. 


    Reviewer "JLBevington" found and fell in love with this bra after having twins. 

    "Brief history of my search for the perfect bra. I was always a B cup until I had my twins, after which the girls became C's. 18 months of breastfeeding and dealing with everything that comes along with that and I was finally ready to find something that would help with support and comfort. The thing is...I couldn't find anything that fit my new ladies as well as provided comfort and stability... I took a chance on this bra...and my prayers have been answered. Granted I've only been wearing this for an hour now but it feels like I've got nothing on at all! It is so soft and lightweight. I thought there's no way the straps would stay put but lo and behold, they are staying with zero issues. I would love this even more if it had moulded foam cups, but even without them, I'll probably be a lifer! Finally! The girls are getting the love they deserve!"

  • Women who are easily irritated by wires and discomfort proclaim that this bra is exactly what they were looking for. 


    Reviewer Shelley M. Viggiano wrote that this bra was basically a gift sent from heaven. 

    "I don't write reviews. I am too lazy for it, so that tells you how much I love this bra. I am a size 34 c/d who has had 2 children and lost over 100 lbs. Therefore I have a lot of skin laxity, and my breasts aren't 'full' or 'firm,' so bras with no under wire or shape just mash me down and I cannot get a feminine or natural silhouette. (Seriously - I hate bras. They are so wildly uncomfortable, yet we have been living with this discomfort for most of our lives and it barely registers how uncomfortable we truly are!) I began wearing almost exclusively sports bras a couple of years ago just because I hated the feel of my underwire or padding or adjustable straps, even though sports bras did nothing for my figure. And then the clouds parted, and heaven opened up and lo - an angel of the Lord appeared holding the bali comfort revolution wire free bra style 3484. I don't know how it is possible but this bra is so comfortable you almost feel naked, yet it supports AND it gives a natural shape. This is the best. bra. ever"

  • Although the reviews were relatively glowing, we'd be remiss if we didn't share a few of the negatives. 

    The chief complaints we came across were those that were concerned about ordering the correct sizing and the fabric being thinnish.

    All in all, if you're OK doing a return or two to get the right size and possibly having your headlights turned on in the cold weather, this bra seems like it's worth a shot. After all, the idea of coming home and not needing to immediately remove your bra is kind of heavenly. 

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