20 Toys Amazon Predicts the Kids Will Be Begging for This Holiday Season

Mandy Velez | Aug 5, 2019 Shop
20 Toys Amazon Predicts the Kids Will Be Begging for This Holiday Season
Image: Amazon

baby shark

It's a little early, but with all of the attention Amazon has gotten this summer, it makes sense the company is already thinking about the next steps. It released its holiday 2019 preview that includes many items it predicts will be kid favorites. Think of it as an early Prime Day list, with items to keep tabs on. There's nothing worse than going to purchase a toy only to find that it's sold out. 

That said, this preview list (which doesn't include all of Amazon's picks, but just enough), can also be useful for parents unsure of what to get. So if mom or dad is already in Amazon mode, or preparing for the fall now, this preview has come at just the right time. And thanks to the diversity of the list and the toys themselves, there's plenty of them to choose from. Whether the kids (or kid) like Barbies or Beyblades, there's something there for them.

So what's on the list? There's tech, home decor, beauty items, and lots of toys. Yes, we know parents are in back-to-school mode, but it's never too early to start planning. Last year's predicted list was hot, featuring items like unicorn games, LOL Pets, and veterinary kits. This year, there are classics and new, culturally relevant ones as well. We're talking a Baby Shark puppet and Buzz Lightyear gear to the classic Pictionary game (with a twist) and a Paw Patrol jet.

Also on the list are toys that combine "real-life" play and smart screen ones. The Little Genius iPad game syncs with physical flashcards. There's also games that have modern twists on them, like Pictionary Air which syncs with an app. One STEM-oriented game even teaches kids how to code using figurines and a book -- no computer necessary. Kids will be able to learn something new while still "playing" with a toy. 

Check out the items below and purchase now or hold on tight for those holiday gift lists to come in.

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