'Baby Shark' Bedding Is Now Available at Walmart & Parents Will Love the Price

Baby Shark bedding

If you legit can't deal with more Baby Shark news, I'm gonna go ahead and ask you to take a deep breath before reading any further. Because thanks to Walmart, the Baby Shark craze has reached new levels, just when you thought it wasn't possible. Now, kids can outfit their rooms in a Baby Shark bedding collection -- and drive their parents (even more) crazy in the process.

  • Yep -- just to ensure you never get those doo doo doos out of your head, the bedding set will serve as a constant reminder of the irritating tune.

    Ha ha! Sounds like a dream, doesn't it??

    Just kidding; more like a nightmare -- or a genius move by Walmart.

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  • Just in case you and your kiddo are interested, the collection comes in both twin and full-size sets.

    The Walmart exclusive Baby Shark bedding set ($19.88 to $29.96) includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases that are machine washable. And of course, each item features images of Baby Shark and family, which will dance in your head as you sleep and that incessant song will play over and over and over again.
  • The new collection hits stores just weeks after a Baby Shark North American tour was announced.

    The Baby Shark musical live tour is expected to hit 100 US and Canadian cities later this year, and promises lots of "dancing in the aisles as Baby Shark and his friends go on fun adventures to learn about shapes, colors, numbers, and so much more!"

    The Baby Shark Live! website also shares that the show will "take an adventure into the sea with Baby Shark as he joins his friend Pinkfong to sing and dance through some of your favorite new and classic songs!"

    (I know, you're just itching to buy tickets.)

  • Back in June, the Hollywood Reporter also broke the news that Nickelodeon has a Baby Shark TV series in the works.

    Although the network isn't giving up too much information about the series just yet, Pam Kaufman, president of Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products, had this to say:

    “Our outstanding creative teams are moving fast to get more 'Baby Shark' product across multiple categories to retailers, and our content team is excited to develop a terrific original animated series that will bring this property to new heights and even more fans.”

    Even though there's no word yet on when the show will actually premiere, news of its development was enough to make parents everywhere let out a collective groan when it first swept social media.

    "Argh! My ears that stupid song," tweeted one user.

    "Rather poke my eyeballs out," tweeted another.

  • In truth, the Baby Shark song has been taunting us for about four years, since the song first hit YouTube back in 2015.

    Since then, it's racked up more than 2.9 billion YouTube views (which translates to a whole lotta annoyed parents, when you really think about it).

    One thing's for sure: The repetitive song is definitely irritating to adults, but kids do seem to love it. And at the end of the day, if it calms your tantrumming kid down or makes your kid laugh, I suppose it deserves all its success.

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