20 Bright & Colorful Lipstick Shades to Rock the Rest of Summer

Mandy Velez | Jul 15, 2019 Shop
20 Bright & Colorful Lipstick Shades to Rock the Rest of Summer
Image: @gigibunny via Twenty20

@gigibunny via Twenty20

Kids are all about makeup now thanks to the likes of YouTube bloggers and celebrities who have revamped the beauty line, looking at ya, Rihanna. But they're not the only ones interested in the latest products and colors. Whether they have been using the same tube for the last year or want a new tube every month, or week, moms do wear makeup. We know this. There's just something about colorful lips that brighten up the face and bring a look together. Here's the thing: Wearing lipstick in the summer can be tricky. Colors that worked in the winter may not work in the sunny and hot environment. Or with the new bathing suits that have been purchased. But that's a good thing! Because now is the perfect excuse, or time of year rather, to wear the colorful and bright lipstick.

It can seriously lift moods and make smiles brighter. It's just plain fun. But finding the perfect summer shades can be hard. Colors can match clothes just fine but they also have to pair with skin tones. Then there's the task of finding the lipsticks that can actually last. This is hard enough to find, in general. Eating, talking, and other things can wear down some lipsticks way too easily. However, lipstick in the summer can be a whole new beast to tackle. There's sweat (as mentioned before) and heat and even the bright sunlight can alter a color. But there's good news! We did the hard work and compiled some of the lipsticks out there with colors made for summer and formulas made to last. There's no heavy hues here. It's all light, fun, and colorful, just like the season. 

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