Image: Amazon


Amazon Prime Day 2019, July 15 and July 16, is right around the corner and for many, it's basically like Black Friday, but the summer version. It's now a two-day event for Amazon in which most items on its platform will be heavily marked down. We're talking the possibility of 50% off or more. Given this, it's no surprise the site crashed last year because of the mad rush of people clamoring to get in on the sweet deals. Because unlike Black Friday, people use Amazon all the time in their daily lives. Parents know there are tons of items for them as adults, but also things for their kids. So why not purchase those items while they're on sale? Amazon's preview included deals for kids, but Amazon regularly has sales on kid or baby-related items.

And judging by some of the Prime-only customer preview markdowns that have hit some products this week, there's likely more to come. It may be safe to say that baby products, from outfits to bottles to play mats, may have good discounts. Graco has already announced it's going to be part of the day, so it's likely other brands will be part of it, too. But here's the catch: No one knows exactly what will be for sale on Prime Day and how big the discounts will be. There are some mark downs now (Hello KitchenAid stand mixers!) but actual Prime Days deals are not revealed. To give mom a clue as to what she could try to look out for (we're assuming items may sell out quickly) we checked out the items that were part of Prime Day last year. As well as items other retailers are already marking down. There's nothing wrong with a educated guess to be prepared! 

Check out the items we predict may have major sales and add it to the list. This day, or days rather, only comes once a year!

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