8 Cute Fourth of July Outfits for Baby

Mandy Velez | Jul 1, 2020 Shop
8 Cute Fourth of July Outfits for Baby
Image: @laceybeth via Twenty20

@laceybeth via Twenty20

Grab the American flags, fireworks, and barbecue grills because the Fourth of July is almost here. The holiday clearly means a lot to Americans for many reasons and parties are extremely popular. Aside from having a reason to get together, there's pride in our country and gratitude for its history. It's also a day to completely deck oneself out in red, white, and blue. Adults definitely take part in this and babies can, and should, too. They will look absolutely adorable decked out in those patriotic colors, even if it's just for a picnic or parade. They are not old enough to participate in the same fun and games (or crafts) as the older kids, but they can surely dress the part. It's super fun to dress newborns as it is, but being able to go all out with crazy, funny, or cute for a holiday is certainly fun. July 4 is a great day to do that. 

While adults can still dress up in red, white, and blue (and they definitely do) it's so much cuter when a baby is decked out. As it turns out, there's tons of July Fourth apparel out there for babies at all stages. There's shirts and onesies, rompers, tutus, and more. Some outfits are subtly patriotic while others scream 'MERICA. Actually, there's some that say it right and center. A few even show off the fact that it's baby's first July 4th, which for many is a holiday in itself. Whatever style, these star-spangled babies will be the "Stars" of whatever celebration they're part of. Most clothes work well for babies of either gender. The American flag is universal itself after all. So take a look at the wardrobe options below and decide how dedicated to the Fourth baby will be. 

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