This Liner Will Stop Boob Sweat & Is a Total Summer Game Changer


boob sweat

Ladies: Whether the "girls" are big or small, when the weather gets hot, we all know they have a tendency to sweat up a storm. Although we all look forward to ditching the snow in favor of the beach and a good cocktail, every single person with breasts knows that the summer brings hours of discomfort. But believe it or not, there may be a solution to these slippery summer woes. 

  • TBH, this is me all summer long.

    Giphy: l4FATJpd4LWgeruTK

    And honestly, it'd be nice to have a little relief.

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  • The Belly Bandit slides under any bra and wicks away moisture throughout the day. 

    Belly Bandit Don't Sweat-It Bra Liners

    The liner is fairly discreet, hiding underneath the band in such a way it isn't detectable under clothing. There is no size for the piece, and it comes in both black and "nude" coloring. 

    Belly Bandit Don't Sweat-It Bra Liners ($19.95, Amazon)

  • The product itself has gained a ton of positive responses, many saying it was a summer game-changer. 

    boob liner

    People were shocked at how long it provided protection.

    "Wore this in 90 degree humid weather to a theme park for 10 hours and was grateful for the extra dry time and some underwire pressure relief (although the product did eventually get saturated)," wrote one user.

  • Some have also claimed that is totally changed their interactions with bras as a whole.

    "I have extremely sensitive skin," confessed another user. "If I have a bra with even a thread showing it will irritate my skin to no end. I was having reactions to all types of materials. After several hundreds of dollars in bras, I was ready to throw all of them out and never wear one again. I was searching Amazon for bras one day and came across the Belly Bandit. I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. I am so glad I did! These liners (I have several now) have been so helpful." 

    So perhaps give this a shot if bra sweat get you down all summer long. 

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