20 Rainbow Dresses To Brighten Up the Summer

Mandy Velez | Jun 11, 2019 Shop
20 Rainbow Dresses To Brighten Up the Summer
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Forget tasting the rainbow, why not wear the rainbow? Between Pride (whether or not one attends pride and hugs everyone like a champion or not) and bright colors becoming a big part of the mainstream fashion canon, it's such an amazing time to rock not just one color, or even two, but the whole dang rainbow. It makes sense, too, honestly. Rainbows are fun and pretty. Who wouldn't want to look like one? And yes, we know that moms usually enjoy having dresses for all sorts of occasions and "cool" is one of those occasions. So really there's no better time to rock those bright colors than in the warmest months of the year. Rainbow summer dresses can knock out both of those prerequisites. There's just something about all the colors blended together beautifully, on a cute dress to match, that just makes everyone want to smile.

Bring that happiness and shine everywhere by wearing it. It's such an easy pattern to wear almost anywhere. Baby showers? Yup, happy and bright. Weddings? Yup, another occasion that calls for happy and bright attire. Wedding show? Check, check, check. Luckily, there are also tons of amazingly bright dresses on the market to choose from. So much so that it will be actually difficult to choose just one! For those who want to take things to the next level, get rainbow nail art to match. Because there is no reason to ever stifle a rainbow.

Take a look at the options we pulled together below and choose the ones that sparks the most joy. Yes, we think Marie Kondo would approve of adding something as beautiful and joy-inspiring to a wardrobe. Pick out what kind of ray of sunshine to be below.

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