20 Bottles for Colicky Babies

Mandy Velez | Jun 13, 2019 Shop
20 Bottles for Colicky Babies
Image: @mrkarltapales via Twenty20

@mrkarltapales via Twenty20

Colicky babies are pretty normal in the newborn world, but it's still hard for mom. It's not always apparent that the cry is specifically colic or a regular baby "I want this" cry, but there are some guidelines to be able to tell. They include the baby crying for hours at a time or nothing concrete seems to be causing it. But these babies cannot talk, so no matter what is wrong, they're gonna cry. And sometimes, they cry and cry and cry and cry. Whether baby is just overstimulated or gassy, it's an uncomfortable feeling to be in unfamiliar territory and feeling new things, no matter how old a person is. Although colic doesn't have a specific cause, there are ways to attempt to eliminate the source of pain, and a bottle (and some bottle hacks of course) could be one of those ways. While gas could be a factor in the colic, eliminating possible sources of extra air may help make baby feel better. 

And even if it's not gas, no matter what, it's a good idea to soothe baby in the way that makes her feel most safe: through feeding and being close to mom. The cool thing is that there's lots of bottles on the market specifically designed to help eliminate a possible source of colic: gas. They do this through vent systems that make sure to eliminate air as well as special realistically shaped bottle nipples. Also, simply making the baby feel comforted, as we mentioned above, could help, too. 

These bottles were also made with tired moms in mind, knowing their cleaning and functioning has to be smooth and easy. Some come as single bottles, but others comes in multiples based on whatever mom needs. Some even have heat detection, adding another layer or protection and comfort for baby. And one of the best parts of these bottles? They work for formula-feeding or breastfeeding moms. Maybe moms out there are both! For these bottles, that is totally fine, and will make the transition for baby seamless. 

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