This Target Fanny Pack Can Hold an Entire Bottle of Wine & Just Answered All Our Summer Prayers


fanny pack

Whether packing up the family up for a day at the beach or shuffling them off to the pool, chances are by the middle of the day, mama is gonna need a drink. Between the fights mediated on the way over, the one complaining about the sand in the toes while the other just wants to play video games all day, the "easy breezy days of summer" are in the rear window. If mama wants to pour herself a small glass of wine by 12:30 p.m., she has every dang right to. 

  • That's why moms are flipping for Target's insulated (and actually really cute) fanny packs. 

    Fanny Pack Cooler Iridescent - Sun Squad™

    Romper recently pointed out that the Sun Squad fanny pack measured 13.5 inches long, 5 inches high, and 4 inches deep. The typical wine bottle is about 12 inches tall and about 3 inches wide, according to Vigilant Inc. So the math just adds up: It's time to pack a whole darn bottle to all of the summer activities. 

    Fanny Pack Cooler Iridescent - Sun Squad ($6, Target) 

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  • The pack also comes in this super cute grapefruit design. 

    Fanny Pack Cooler Grapefruit - Sun Squad™

    But really, who super cares what it looks like when its purpose is so meaningful?

    Fanny Pack Cooler Grapefruit - Sun Squad ($6, Target)

  • And for shameless moms who like wine on the go, Target has these pretty nifty insulated tumblers. 

    Semidiscreet (except for the warning label that it is spiked) these tumblers are insulated to keep wine or spiked coffee at just the right temperature. 

    Slant Collections 30oz 2pk Plastic Wine Tumbler - Best Mom Ever ($10, Target) 

  • So bottoms up, mamas!

    You've got a little over 90 days until they are back in school -- might as well enjoy it while you can!

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