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    If you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), you've probably heard it could be tougher to get pregnant. One in 10 women have the condition that can stand in the way of ovulation -- and babymaking.

    But just because it's tough doesn't mean you can't get pregnant with PCOS. If you've been diagnosed, here's a look at what the experts say you can do to up your fertility:

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    Used to be that when you started to think about trying for a baby, you'd do a bit of genetic testing, and maybe get a recommendation on a prenatal vitamin. But preconceptual wellness has come a long way! Whether you want to lay a solid foundation well before whipping out the ovulation calculator or you've been trying to get pregnant for a while, there's more to it than popping a supplement and eating your veggies.

    Nutritionist Carolyn Gundell, who leads the Fertility Nutrition Program at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT), works with reproductive endocrinologists to help women lead a more "fertile lifestyle." "Before pregnancy, this can really help patients improve not only their ovulatory function, but optimize their overall health," Gundell says. "And [the message] is let's not just adopt these behaviors to get pregnant, but for life. Because our health is the best gift we can give our children."

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    Whether you're on your first or your fourth, plenty of women subscribe to the belief that babymaking is just as much an art as it is a science. In other words, that certain brilliant strategies could boost your chances of having a boy or a girl, or merely ramp up your odds of making either more quickly.

    While there's validity to some of the most popular conception tips, not all theories are based in, well, fact. And some are downright cockamamie old wives' tales! Here, the truth about babymaking tricks every trying-to-conceive couple should know.

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    Getting pregnant isn't always as easy as it's cracked up to be. A quickie in the backseat of the car doesn't do it for everyone, and that can be frustrating. If you've been trying to get pregnant without success, we've got some tips that could help make conception happen faster.

    Knowing your body's natural rhythm is usually the best place to start. "Simply learning about the monthly cycle and when the optimal time for conception is -- usually between day 8 and 14 of the cycle -- can greatly improve the chances of getting pregnant," explains Jennifer Mayer, certified holistic health coach, birth doula, and co-founder of Baby Caravan in New York.

    At the same time, having the right tools at your fingertips can help you truly determine the most fertile time of your monthly cycle. Here, 7 essentials that a woman should have on hand when trying to conceive ...

    How long have you been trying to conceive? What "tools" have you tried?

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    If there was any doubt over whether or not she and Tyler Baltierra are serious about trying to have another baby, the fact that Catelynn Lowell is quitting smoking should convince you she's ready to be a mom.

    Yep. She's kicked the cancer sticks to the curb, people. And while some may take this as an indication that she's already expecting, she could also simply be trying to make her body as healthy as possible to increase the chances of conceiving.

    Oh, and since most women also don't even realize they're preggo until around the four-week mark, it's probably a good idea for her to give up the cigs now so she doesn't wind up smoking while pregnant and not even knowing it.

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    Remember on Friends when Monica and Chandler left Phoebe's birthday dinner to go have some "time alone" because it was high-time in her ovulation cycle? Well the story is true, people! Planning a pregnancy takes a lot of work and some very exact measurements, but with the help of an accurate and easy-to-use online ovulation calculator, women who are trying to conceive can figure out the best days to make a baby.

    Along with a healthy lifestyle and one of these ovulation calendars, you can easily find your fertile window and plan a baby-making session with your partner. Good luck!

    How long have you been trying to conceive? Have you tried an ovulation calculator yet?

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    She'll probably have at least five or six suitcases full of designer duds in tow for her honeymoon, but if Kim Kardashian is hoping to get pregnant right after her wedding, I guess she won't be packing any sort of birth control.

    Yep. You heard that right. Supposedly Kim is hoping to conceive baby number two while she and Kanye West are honeymooning. That is definitely convenient considering the types of activities most couples partake in right after getting hitched. 

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    For as long as humanity's been doing it, preparing your body for pregnancy and bolstering fertility is no small feat. In our efforts to get pregnant, we often turn to a wide array of potions and protocols.

    Jennifer Mayer, certified holistic health coach, birth doula, and co-founder of Baby Caravan in New York, explains, "There is no such thing as a one size fits all fix, but there are a few easy, non-invasive, natural methods worth investigating to optimize fertility and prepare the body for early pregnancy." Here, 14 natural ways you may be able to bolster your fertility ...

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    When you've made up your mind that you want to start trying for a baby, it can be tricky knowing exactly when you should be "doing it." You know you should be ovulating, but when exactly is that? While ovulation typically happens 14 days before you have a period, that can fluctuate from woman to woman. And precision is key.

    Over-the-counter ovulation tests can help, but they can be pricey. The best thing to do is to take cues from your body by following the ovulation method (or Billings method). Once you know when you're ovulating, your chances for a successful conception will improve. The key to knowing when you're ovulating? Cervical mucus. It sounds icky, but trust us, cervical mucus is your best friend when you're trying to conceive.

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    It's no big secret that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith wanted a child together practically from the moment they got together -- but wait until you hear just how planned baby Kaiser really was.

    For whatever reason, I was always under the impression that Jenelle turned up pregnant because she's young and fertile and all that good stuff. But while that may be true, she also had a little bit of help as far as making sure she and Nathan (ahem) were romantic with each other at the most ideal time.

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