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    When you've made up your mind that you want to start trying to conceive, it can be tricky knowing exactly when you should be doing it. Over-the-counter ovulation tests can help, but you may even have better (and less expensive) success taking cues from your  body by following the ovulation method (or Billings method). The idea is that the better a woman can recognize her body's own sign of fertility -- cervical mucus -- the better she can identify her most fertile (and infertile) days.

    There are four different phases of discharge, with the first being the most fertile. By knowing what all four look like, you'll be more likely to recognize your most fertile cervical mucus (and know when to have sex for best results).

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    It's no big secret that Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith wanted a child together practically from the moment they got together -- but wait until you hear just how planned baby Kaiser really was.

    For whatever reason, I was always under the impression that Jenelle turned up pregnant because she's young and fertile and all that good stuff. But while that may be true, she also had a little bit of help as far as making sure she and Nathan (ahem) were romantic with each other at the most ideal time.

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    When you're Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, six children don't make you exhausted -- they inspire you to have even more children. Yep, if the rumors are to be believed, the Maleficent actress is planning to keep her promise to give Brad another baby by freezing her eggs before undergoing a preventative surgery to remove her ovaries. Angie reportedly knows it's important to Brad to have another child of his own and is open to creating another precious little life through IVF and a surrogate in the event that she has to have a hysterectomy. Is she the bravest woman in the world or out of her mind?

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    Despite the rumors that were floating around in the tabloids recently, the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant with her second child (or at least as far as we know, she isn't).

    But she may very well have babies on the brain, because a new report says that Kate Middleton and Prince William plan on trying to conceive while they're on their Royal Tour of New Zealand and Australia next month.

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    One of the things that happens when women are faced with infertility is they go to a fertility doctor who sometimes wants to get to the in vitro fertilization part right away. Sure, they try the Clomid, the Gonal-F, the IUI, and then the big guns come out. IVF. Sometimes faster than necessary. But when you are working against the clock, have a couple who really wants to have a baby, and insurance costs, that's what happens. IVF. The three letters that can instantly make a woman feel less than she should. Infertility makes us uncomfortable. It should be as easy as wanting to conceive a child and then it happens. But anyone who has faced any kind of fertility issue knows that just isn't the case. All the "fun" that comes along with making a baby gets replaced by stress, numerous doctor's visits, and expensive treatments.

    But now the frequency of IVF is being questioned by the medical community.

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    Plenty of parents wind up having their babies fairly close together in age -- but one mom in the U.K. is getting way more than she bargained for after conceiving triplets four weeks after giving birth to her first child!

    I know. My head is spinning too over the idea of have four babies all under the age of 1 in the span of less than a year. Holy. Moly.

    Sarah and Benn Ward had a tough time getting pregnant with their son, Freddie. They decided to go ahead and start trying for another baby shortly after his birth, thinking it would take quite some time again.

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    My wife and I constantly get asked when our two-year-old daughter can expect a baby brother or sister. New friends are the most curious. But even strangers are guilty -- especially friends of my younger sister, whose four-strong brood barely squeezes into a single SUV. "So...," they begin, due to the lack of natural segues into entirely inappropriate questions. Having the responsibly of keeping one child alive is only fooling around, according to these people, so isn't it time we got serious already?

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    Somehow I'm guessing there are a lot of more important medical subjects out there to study -- but researchers at the University of North Carolina have found that some women claim to have had virgin births.

    Yes ... virgin births. As in getting preggo and delivering a child without ever having sex with a man. (Yes, like the Virgin Mary did.)

    Half of 1 percent of the women interviewed for the study actually reported this happening. And while we can't place too much weight on the results of the study simply because these people are only claiming that they had a virgin birth (there's no physical proof) -- you gotta wonder if some or all of them just might be telling the truth. (It's possible ... right?)

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    A 37-year-old woman from Brazil made headlines this week when doctors performed an emergency C-section on her only to realize she was not pregnant. The woman believed she was 41 weeks pregnant and was admitted to a hospital after complaining about abdominal pain. Not sure if her doctors gave her a sonogram or why they wouldn't after failing to detect a heartbeat, but they reportedly decided to perform a Cesarean because she looked pregnant and was experiencing some pregnancy symptoms, like nausea.

    This story sounds fishy, but the woman's actual condition isn't as odd as you may think. Docs say she had a "phantom" pregnancy, which is when women are so thoroughly convinced they are pregnant that they actually experience bodily changes that resemble those felt during pregnancy. 

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    Have you heard of the fertility e-book called Pregnancy Miracle? It’s been making waves recently as the be-all-and-end-all of infertility woes. Author Lisa Olson claims that by following her holistic program, infertile women can get pregnant within 60 days -- even if they’re in their late 30s or 40s.

    There is no shortage of glowing reviews online for the immediately downloadable $39 e-book, but I’m not buying it. Most recently reviewed on, Stan Stevenson claims that “based on scientific research,” the book addresses “up to 97 percent of infertility issues.”

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