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    My sister, who happens to be my best friend, was the first person to find out I was pregnant -- after my husband, of course! She is an interior designer so we immediately started talking about what was most important -- the baby’s nursery. At the time, my husband and I were renting a one-bedroom apartment, but I was sure that in the course of nine months, we’d be living in the lap of luxury, and my baby would have her own room, if not her own wing in our new house.

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    Two of my friends recently gave birth and both returned home from the hospital sharing similar, unbelievable stories: their babies had been kicked out of the hospital nursery for bad behavior. One of my friends had given birth naturally with no complications, and the other had had a difficult labor, followed by an emergency C-section. Recovery and need for sleep, be damned -- their babies were acting fussy and nurses returned them to mom in the middle of the night. 

    What's the big deal, you may be asking yourself. You're the one who actually had the baby. He or she is your baby -- so why shouldn't your baby be your responsibility? And you're right, of course. But while moms used to be able to count on enjoying a sliver of rest time right after giving birth, it seems fewer hospitals are treating use of the nursery as the norm. And, as a mom who relied on it after my first birth, I'm NOT looking forward to the peer pressure of rooming in my second time around.

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    I would definitely label Kourtney Kardashian a "girly girl." From her perfect makeup and hair to her incredibly trendy outfits and the amazingly adorable get-ups we always see her kids Mason and Penelope rocking, it's evident she is hands-on when it comes to hers and her family's style. So it should come as no shock that her home is as fashion-forward as Ms. K -- who recently renovated her digs so that quite a few of the rooms feature a wacky, but somehow elegant Alice in Wonderland theme. And while she chose to go all Mad Hatter in her living area -- think black and white striped walls and ceilings -- she kept things relatively peaceful and sweet in her "favorite room" in the house -- her daughter's super-pretty nursery. But one feature might make you just a wee bit nervous. 

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    Skull & Crossbones in the Nursery?

    posted by Lisa Fogarty September 26, 2013 at 8:29 PM in Pregnancy
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    Who knew Morena Baccarin, who plays Ageny Brody's awesome wife, Jessica, on Homeland, was so hip?

    Apparently, the 34-year-old Brazilian actress, who should be giving birth any day now, has bypassed the traditional blues, pinks, and light greens of popular nursery decor to fill her baby's room with a heavy metal-inspired skull and crossbones.


    Or crazy awesome? 


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    Being a non-celebrity, I guess I always kind of assumed that famous moms-to-be sent personal assistants to do all their pre-baby shopping -- why schlep around on swollen ankles stocking up on crib sheets if you can pay somebody else to do it? Still, I wasn't all that surprised to see this pic of Halle Berry and her growing bump on a baby furniture-buying mission in Culver City, California ... any 46-year-old expectant mama who can look that relaxed and ravishing while running errands is clearly capable of browsing for bassinets all by herself.

    Is there anything this woman can't do??

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    You're expecting a baby -- and there's so much to do! What exactly do you need? Well, it's a pretty long list, but here's a few essentials to get started. This doesn't include clothes, which is a whole 'nother shopping trip. But if you're working on your baby registry, start with these nine items.


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    All right pregnant mama, you've got your baby registry ready, and your nursery is just about perfect. But where's your baby going to sit when she eats? Once babies get old enough to sit unsupported and start eating solid foods (around 6 months), you may want to get a high chair. The best kind of high chair is the high-quality chair you inherit for free from a friend. But if that freebie never materializes, the next best thing is a convertible high chair.

    Convertible high chairs adjust as your child grows, so you don't have to buy a second chair or booster seat later on. Here are our top picks for some of the best convertible high chairs on the market.

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    Creating a baby registry is supposed to be helpful, right? The whole point of a registry is to make life less stressful for new parents by making sure they're all stocked up on infant essentials well before the little one arrives. Or so I thought, until I was pregnant with my first baby. That's when I discovered how very stressful the process of picking and choosing the perfect items for your unborn child can be. 

    Seems like every mom you meet has another "must-have" for the list:

    "Make sure you register for a travel crib! That thing saved my life!" "Oh my god, I would have gone crazy with that vibrating bouncy seat. Do you have one on your registry?"

    By the time my baby shower rolled around, I was convinced my future success as a mother depended on what I would find when I ripped all the pink bows and pastel wrapping paper off those boxes. Please, please let there be a bouncy seat!!

    Then my daughter was born. And guess what?

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    It's time to play another round of pregnant celebrity watch! Just as Jessica grew and grew until we all were like, "Say it already, sister!" Drew Barrymore is the next celebrity that is getting the full-on "Is she or isn't she?" treatment. Personally, I hope it's true. Heck, I'm even hoping for twins.

    I just love that Drew Barrymore. Ever since she won our hearts as Gertie in E.T., we've all watched the adorable member of Hollywood royalty grow up. Sure Drew has had some rough spots: addiction, divorce, that second Charlie's Angels movie. But she keeps smiling and being all quirky and cute through it all.

    And that is exactly why we're all yammering about the fact that Drew Barrymore may be pregnant. No, Drew Barrymore is TOTALLY pregnant. Here's how we know:

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    This weekend, my husband and I rolled up our sleeves, got out the toolbox, and went to work assembling the crib, putting in car seats, screwing down the changing pad, and all the other stuff we need to do before our twins arrive. Actually, I should be a bit more honest about that: my husband did all of the work. But, I was VERY good at giving moral support, and was super helpful when it came to reading the instruction manual or saying things like, "Wow, you did such a great job! Did you bring the box out to recycling?"

    In the end, it was a success, evidenced by the fact that we now have a sturdy crib in our nursery, two car seats firmly latched into our backseat, and a dresser with changer top, ready to welcome its first poopy diaper! Looking back, it really wasn't so bad (says me). In the moment though, we kept asking each other, "Is there a reason they make baby gear assembly so hard?"

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