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    A pregnant mother of three, who was suffering from appendicitis, died when a surgeon-in-training mistakenly removed one of her ovaries instead of her appendix.

    The 32-year-old woman was in her 21st week of pregnancy when she underwent an appendicitis surgery. Unfortunately, the surgeon had to feel for her appendix since she was far along into her second trimester and failed to remove the organ.

    Maria De Jesus went home after the surgery, but she continued to have pains and returned to the hospital two weeks after the initial operation in even more discomfort. It was then that doctors discovered the previous surgeon's mistake.

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    When you're Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, six children don't make you exhausted -- they inspire you to have even more children. Yep, if the rumors are to be believed, the Maleficent actress is planning to keep her promise to give Brad another baby by freezing her eggs before undergoing a preventative surgery to remove her ovaries. Angie reportedly knows it's important to Brad to have another child of his own and is open to creating another precious little life through IVF and a surrogate in the event that she has to have a hysterectomy. Is she the bravest woman in the world or out of her mind?

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    Anyone who is pregnant and has been subjected to a barrage of tests may have a difficult time understanding the paradox of the following two words: "entertainment ultrasound." Lord knows most procedures and moments associated with pregnancy and childbirth -- aside from that glorious second you finally meet your baby -- aren't a walk in the park. Yet that term could apply to any number of unnecessary ultrasounds that pregnant moms can choose to get, including 3-D fetal videos and sonograms performed at "non-medical clinics" that can tell you your baby's gender quicker than ever before. It's no wonder some doctors are railing against these procedures -- but women should be up in arms about them, as well. 

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    There seems to be a lot more to the choice on whether to have an epidural or not. When an epidural is administered, there is an oxytocin deficiency. That feel good hormone that is essentially a natural pain reliever isn't released as it would be if an epidural wasn't given. It makes sense since the epi is a block.

    But some new science is suggesting that the block of oxytocin could affect the brains of newborns -- and could be a contributing factor to autism

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    One of the things that happens when women are faced with infertility is they go to a fertility doctor who sometimes wants to get to the in vitro fertilization part right away. Sure, they try the Clomid, the Gonal-F, the IUI, and then the big guns come out. IVF. Sometimes faster than necessary. But when you are working against the clock, have a couple who really wants to have a baby, and insurance costs, that's what happens. IVF. The three letters that can instantly make a woman feel less than she should. Infertility makes us uncomfortable. It should be as easy as wanting to conceive a child and then it happens. But anyone who has faced any kind of fertility issue knows that just isn't the case. All the "fun" that comes along with making a baby gets replaced by stress, numerous doctor's visits, and expensive treatments.

    But now the frequency of IVF is being questioned by the medical community.

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    I've really enjoyed being pregnant. Up until month 7. That was when some really freaky and sometimes downright hellish things have begun happening to my body that are making me wish I could give birth tomorrow. When I became pregnant, I was well aware of what would take place during the first trimester -- morning sickness, fatigue, yada yada. And I knew the second trimester was going to be that glorious time when I resembled a goddess and could still run a marathon without breaking a sweat. But no one really told me about the third trimester. Back aches don't even begin to cover it. Here are 9 things that can happen any time between your seventh and ninth month -- don't say I didn't warn you. 

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    If you've made up your mind to find out the sex of your baby, the 20-week appointment, where you learn if you're having a boy or girl, can feel like an eternity away. But a brand new method/wives' tale called Skull Theory might reveal what you're having at one of your first sonograms.

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    Circumcision is a personal decision a family makes -- it's also often a religious one. But what happens when a couple disagrees? I'm certain that happens a lot and one partner ends up changing their stance on the matter, but what if they don't? The courts can get involved. At least that's what happened to one couple who cannot agree on whether or not to circumcise their son. One Israeli couple is currently going through a divorce and the mother says that the father initially agreed to leave their son uncircumcised, but has since changed his mind after going through divorce proceedings.

    The mother is currently being fined $140 a day for every day she refuses to agree to her son being circumcised. It's been six days so far and she hasn't budged. The family has kept their identity private but the mother said, "I have no right to cut his organ and mutilate him. And the court has no right to force me to do so."

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    You would think that couples desperate enough to conceive a child through IVF would be thrilled to their toes to be pregnant with not just one little bundle of joy, but two. And even though most people have a secret preference in the gender department, normal people get over it and love their babies regardless.

    But then you have the couples like this anonymous one on Babble. They tried for two years to provide a little sister for their young son, eventually turned to in vitro fertilization, got pregnant with twins, and then (gasp!) found out both babies were boys (horror!). They even considered terminating one of them, but decided that that would be “too Machiavellian.”

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    You would think when a woman is pregnant it would be a time for people to come out with all the love, support, and goodwill in the world to nurture and uplift her as she brings a new life into the world. And sometimes it is. Unfortunately, it can also be a time of intense judgment as everyone from family and friends to strangers have something to say about your pregnancy and plans for your baby.

    Some of it comes from genuine concern, and that's understandable, but there are some people who just can't see any other way than their own when it comes to how women should bring babies into this world. If we were lucky, they'd keep those opinions to themselves (or at least voice them nicely if they must voice them). Sadly, we're not always that lucky. Here are six things pregnant women get judged for the most.

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