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    The road to pregnancy is often full of false alarms. Why? Because many early pregnancy symptoms (cramps, cravings) are quite similar to the symptoms before your period -- and the fact that the signs are different for every woman only adds to the confusion.

    That said, as a general rule, there are subtle differences between pregnancy and garden-variety PMS that can help you suss out which one you're dealing with. Here are a few signs that you may have a baby on board, and how these symptoms differ from a period:

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    Bringing life into the world is undoubtedly one of life's most astounding experiences, but being pregnant? Not always a cakewalk! As much as celeb moms like Vanessa Lachey and Gisele Bundchen love to regale us with their talk about pregnancy being the most incredible, empowering, beautiful time in their lives, plenty of women keep it real. And they're doing other women a favor by admitting that being pregnant often comes with thoroughly annoying and just plain gross bodily and emotional changes.

    Even if you're grateful to be a mama, you've gotta admit that not every minute is a picnic. Here, 16 true confessions from moms and moms-to-be about their most loathed symptoms. 

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    She doesn't have too terribly much longer to go in her pregnancy, but that doesn't mean Jenelle Evans isn't having a few side effects that are proving to be kind of a pain to put up with.

    She's already battled morning sickness and heartburn, and now it looks as though baby Kaiser is putting a bit of strain on his mom's tired feet.

    Jenelle shared a picture of her cute new Toms shoes via Instagram, and then a fan mentioned that while she digs the shoes, she thinks Jenelle's feet look a bit swollen. (WTF?)

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    Ugh. It really doesn't matter what age you are -- pregnancy definitely takes its toll as far as sucking the life right out of you.

    And based on how Jenelle Evans captioned this new photo she posted to Instagram, it's clear that she's experiencing her fair share of the negative symptoms that come as a result of having a bun in the oven.

    She simply said, "#exhausted, #headache, #needsleep."

    Yeah. That about sums it up.

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    As soon as you found out you were expecting a baby, I'm sure you immediately stocked up on things like maternity clothes and started rat-holing baby items -- but did you ever stop to think about what you really need to help you navigate these long nine months?

    I'm not talking about books on how to cope with your pregnancy or what to expect or whatever.

    I mean those go-to items that seem kind of ridiculous but can make your pregnant life so much easier and more enjoyable.

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    You can complain about your pregnancy problems. But unless you've actually been pregnant, it can be hard to truly understand pregnancy problems. That's where photos come in. If a picture is worth a thousand words, each of these photos is worth a thousand birth control pills. Haha! Just kidding, pregnant ladies. We know you're doing important work and all your pain and suffering will be worth it once your baby finally arrives. IF that baby ever arrives!

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    Aww! How exciting was it to hear that Jenni Farley is pregnant with her first child?!? Ever since she and Roger Mathews got engaged, we've been waiting for the news to break that she has a bun in the oven. Her fans are so, SO happy for her -- as are her closest friends.

    And wait until you hear Snooki's pregnancy advice for JWoww, which is just as bold and descriptive as you'd expect coming from her. Oh come on ... you didn't think she'd simply congratulate her and tell her to "enjoy every moment" or something generic like that, did you?

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    A 37-year-old woman from Brazil made headlines this week when doctors performed an emergency C-section on her only to realize she was not pregnant. The woman believed she was 41 weeks pregnant and was admitted to a hospital after complaining about abdominal pain. Not sure if her doctors gave her a sonogram or why they wouldn't after failing to detect a heartbeat, but they reportedly decided to perform a Cesarean because she looked pregnant and was experiencing some pregnancy symptoms, like nausea.

    This story sounds fishy, but the woman's actual condition isn't as odd as you may think. Docs say she had a "phantom" pregnancy, which is when women are so thoroughly convinced they are pregnant that they actually experience bodily changes that resemble those felt during pregnancy. 

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    15 Lies Every Pregnant Woman Tells Herself

    posted by Mary Fischer December 10, 2013 at 1:47 PM in Pregnancy
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    Pregnancy is such a magical and wonderful time in a woman's life -- but it's pretty safe to say that some aspects of it are definitely easier than others. Every mom-to-be has good days and bad days and everything in between -- including those instances where you do whatever you have to just to make it through the day without having an emotional meltdown.

    Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about, right? Those times when you try and convince yourself that everything is hunky-dory even though you know very well you're feeling the complete opposite?

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    Just when the nausea and fatigue of your first trimester wear off, a new pregnancy misery appears: Aches and pains in your belly and in your groin area. Congratulations, it's probably normal, and it's probably just round ligament pain. This is when the thick ligament that connects your womb to your groin area, and that supports your growing uterus, stretches and strains.

    It's another one of those pregnancy symptoms that feels like something is wrong, but actually means everything is proceeding as normal. But how do you really know when it's round ligament pain and not something more serious? Here are a few ways you can tell and how you can ease the pain.

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