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    I feel for Kate Middleton. I truly do. It's hard having your every move watched by almost every single person in the world. That's not an easy life. That said, it's a life she chose. It is no secret that there is a rabid fascination with the Royals -- the British monarchy especially. As soon as she and Prince William wed, fans were on bump watch. They couldn't wait for the pair to produce an heir. Now that she's finally pregnant, it's only natural people would try to pry into every detail of each trimester. Is it right? Is it fair? No, not ethically as far as I am concerned, but look, folks, that is the life of a public figure.

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    While the initial pregnancy announcement from the royal couple was undoubtedly one of the most exciting things we've ever heard, it's hard not to be pretty concerned after hearing that Kate Middleton was hospitalized for acute morning sickness -- or hyperemesis gravidarum in medical terms.

    Ugh. Don't you feel just awful for her? The poor Duchess should be smiling from ear-to-ear and accepting congrats and well wishes, but instead she's lying in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV and doing her best not to lose her lunch. (That must really suck.)

    The unpleasant condition she has affects 2 percent of pregnant women, and while it supposedly isn't harmful to the baby, it's definitely no picnic for the mom-to-be.

    And oh yeah, one more thing -- acute morning sickness may occur more often in women who are carrying twins.

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    Morning sickness. It can happen to anyone. Just ask Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, who's currently in the hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness). Although you're getting a seriously good prize at the end of those nine months, hovering over a toilet bowl -- hell, even mild queasiness -- is no walk in the park. But there are some cures that can help you out a bit. If you're currently pregnant, and experiencing normal morning sickness, try one of these remedies. And hey, congrats.


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    Oh, no poor Kate Middleton. After years of bump watch, the Duchess of Cambridge is finally pregnant! It's a happy Christmas miracle. Well, sort of. Because the poor princess is royally sick.

    I don't mean "acting like a princess, has to be catered to" sick. I mean really, really sick. Had to be admitted to the hospital sick. So much for the super, special "I'm carrying the next king or queen" pregnancy the world has been wish on her, huh?

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    Out of all the stories I've ever heard about the power of love between siblings, hearing about a sister who loves her brother so much, she's pregnant with his twins definitely takes the cake. Yes, I know that sounds pretty Jerry Springer-ish, but it's anything but scandalous, I assure you.

    Tiffany Burke is pregnant with her brother James' twins because she agreed to serve as a surrogate to him and his wife, Natalie, since Natalie is no longer able to carry children on her own after losing her uterus in an emergency surgical procedure.

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    Baby daddies of the world rejoice. What I always thought was just a myth perpetuated by men may actually be true. Science says the best cure when it comes to treating and preventing morning sickness during a woman's pregnancy is ... semen.

    According to Gordon Gallup, a SUNY-Albany psychologist, the best way to cure and prevent morning sickness is to ingest some semen -- either orally or vaginally. Yes, he IS a man, but the research behind it seems pretty solid.

    There's a catch though -- it can't be just ANY semen. It has to be the semen of the biological father of your baby in order to work. In fact, if you ingest semen of a man who is NOT the baby's biological father, your morning sickness could actually become more severe. Hear that cheating pregnant women?

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    7 Wackiest Pregnancy Fears

    posted by Ericka Sóuter July 2, 2012 at 11:39 PM in Pregnancy
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    Moms worry. It's just what we do. And any woman who has been pregnant will tell you that the anxiety begins long before delivery. For a lot of us, it starts from the moment we see that positive sign on the pregnancy test.

    So I had to laugh when mom-to-be Vanessa Lachey recently revealed her biggest bump phobia: that her belly button will pop out. "My stylist was like, ‘You don’t want that to pop. That’s like having a third nipple’," she said during a sit-down on Bethenny. So now, ever time she sneezes, "I hold my belly button in,” she admitted. “For some reason, I think I’m going to sneeze it out.”

    Well, sorry to tell you Vanessa, it may be unavoidable. The navel pops up like a turkey timer at the tail end of the second semester but not to worry. It goes back in a few months after delivery.

    Here are six other wacky pregnancy fears:

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    How shocked were you when Tori Spelling announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child? OMG. She just had her third baby, Hattie, like five months ago, so it's amazing that she was ready and rearing to go for another kid so quickly after giving birth. More power to her, I guess!

    So far it sounds like she's really lucky with this pregnancy, because she says that she feels great and doesn't have any morning sickness. But some people think that morning sickness is actually a good thing, and that being disgustingly nauesated indicates a healthier pregnancy. So does that mean that Tori should be worried because she's not driving the porcelain bus every morning?

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    Whether you are a fan of Jersey Shore or not, you gotta admit that hearing Snooki talk about her pregnancy is beyond hysterical. I mean -- it's not exactly a huge shock that she's taking a pretty lighthearted approach to the whole thing considering that she really doesn't take herself too seriously. And despite the fact that she's had to ditch hitting the clubs and sucking back bottles of booze now that she's expecting, she isn't letting being pregnant rain on her parade. Snooks thinks pregnancy is pretty much one big party!

    After the season finale of Jersey Shore last night, Snooki compared her bouts of morning sickness to being hungover. Hmm. I'd never really thought about it that way before, but I guess those two things are pretty similar.

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    Pregnancy is a game-changer. Not only does your life change forever, but your day-to-day becomes much different. One of the most stressful things can often be how hard pregnancy can be on the body. Sure you may be glowing, but those aches and pains, heartburn, and hemorrhoids are making you cranky. To top it all off, you can't just go taking a lot of medicine since many things aren't safe or the effects aren't really known when it comes to the baby inside your belly.

    If you're planning on going a more natural or home-based route, or just want some easy pregnancy-safe OTC meds, I've got some suggestions approved by doctors.

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