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    Blech. Poor JWoww! After losing nine pounds in just three weeks during her pregnancy, Jenni Farley is now taking Zofran, an anti-nausea drug, to try and help her combat her horrible bouts of morning sickness.

    She went into detail when describing her unfortunate pregnancy side effect to E! News, saying, "I have been feeling hungover every day or I'm hugging the toilet."

    Ugh. If praying to the porcelain god isn't one of the most horrific feelings a woman can experience, I'm not sure what is. Puking is the pits. Especially when you're in the process of growing a tiny human being and are supposed to be putting on weight -- not taking it off.

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    A 37-year-old woman from Brazil made headlines this week when doctors performed an emergency C-section on her only to realize she was not pregnant. The woman believed she was 41 weeks pregnant and was admitted to a hospital after complaining about abdominal pain. Not sure if her doctors gave her a sonogram or why they wouldn't after failing to detect a heartbeat, but they reportedly decided to perform a Cesarean because she looked pregnant and was experiencing some pregnancy symptoms, like nausea.

    This story sounds fishy, but the woman's actual condition isn't as odd as you may think. Docs say she had a "phantom" pregnancy, which is when women are so thoroughly convinced they are pregnant that they actually experience bodily changes that resemble those felt during pregnancy. 

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    Ah, pregnancy. A time in a woman's life when she glows, looks sexier than ever, and is showered with constant attention, adoration, and free foot rubs.

    Right. That's how you could describe your first pregnancy and you wouldn't be too far off. But if this is your second pregnancy, you need to prepare yourself because things are going to be a wee bit different. 

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    Kelly Clarkson is such an adorable pregnant lady! She's got that pregnant glow. Her hair looks gorgeous and full. You see the smile on her face and just know that she's thrilled to be pregnant with her first baby with hubby Brandon Blackstock. And she really is -- she's so happy she's pregnant, but she admitted on Ellen that she wishes the baby would stop trying to kill her.

    Oh Kelly. I know what you're feeling. Those pregnancy side-effects that no one really likes to talk about ... they sure are a challenge to get through. And the women who went through them try to tell you it's no big deal and it will pass, but when you are in the moment going through them, you know exactly what Kelly means. Kelly quite literally spilled all the details on the wacky stuff going on with her since becoming pregnant. She's miserable.

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    Two generations ago pregnant women stopped taking anti-morning sickness medication Thalidomine because it was causing terrible birth defects. Ever since then it's been crackers, rubber bands, and ginger chews for the nausea and vomiting that hit many women 24/7. But there's a new medication that looks promising. Morning sickness drug metoclopramide tested safe and effective for more than 40,000 pregnant women in a recent study. (Metoclopramide is sold under the brand name Reglan.) But will pregnant women take it? I asked several women what they thought.

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    You know those stories you hear about second pregnancies being so much smoother than first ones? How you're more relaxed and happy and full of light because you know what to expect and your body has been through it all before?

    Those stories are lies. Lies, I tell you. And I've come to hate them. Because my second pregnancy is WAY harder than my first.

    The irony of all this is thick and multi-layered. I am expecting a boy this time; my first is a girl (boys are supposed to bring mommies easier pregnancies, if you believe those unfair myths about baby girls). I have been declared "complication-free" so far -- knock on wood -- but last time was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (which I am convinced was a crock, but that's another post for another day). I am settled into life as a married working mom; last time I started my job at The Stir halfway through and was planning my wedding (don't ask).

    But none of that has mattered. Not at all.

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    For the most part, I got really, really lucky and had a pretty routine pregnancy with my son seven years ago. Sure, I was huge, had more than my fair share of heartburn and hemorrhoids, and was uncomfortable as hell towards the end -- but I was never sick and/or miserable at any point during that nine months.

    But while I didn't fall victim to morning sickness, there was one thing that absolutely made me gag -- the smell of my husband's deodorant.

    OMG. It was the grossest thing EVER. I was so turned off by it, in fact, that he was forced to switch brands for the sake of me hanging onto my lunch.

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    There's so much conflicting information out there about what's safe and what isn't, especially when it comes to pregnancy and babies, right? Come June, expecting moms with morning sickness can take Diclegis, a drug that was pulled off the market back in the '80s after claims it caused birth defects. The FDA says that whole birth defect thing turned out to just be a scare ... but I'd be too scared to take it anyway.

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    There's a new rumor that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with Lamar Odom's baby and planning to do a pregnancy reality TV show with her sister Kim -- and I just don't know what to think. First of all, Khloe pregnant? I'd be so happy for her if it were true. Supposedly an insider from E! tipped off yesterday and claims the sisters will make 50 percent more on the preggers show than they do on Keeping Up. But ... I'm going to wait until we hear from the Kardashians themselves before I pull out my celebration tambourine.

    Until then, let's talk about this idea of a televised pregnancy. Is that really such a good idea? Because pregnancy is just so ... awkward.

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    Aww. Ever since it was revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, aka the worst morning sickness EVER, I've felt so horrible for her.

    I mean, not only is she the most famous pregnant woman in the world -- she's had to endure bouts of non-stop hurling combined with having a highly public pregnancy, which I'm guessing kind of sucks.

    And even though she's into her second trimester, she is still trying to overcome her condition, even if it means going a very unconventional route.

    Supposedly Kate Middleton is turning to hypnotherapy to deal with her morning sickness -- that's how horrifically ill she's been. Yep, she's apparently hoping to be hypnotized into enjoying food again. (The poor dear.)

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