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    One of the things that happens when women are faced with infertility is they go to a fertility doctor who sometimes wants to get to the in vitro fertilization part right away. Sure, they try the Clomid, the Gonal-F, the IUI, and then the big guns come out. IVF. Sometimes faster than necessary. But when you are working against the clock, have a couple who really wants to have a baby, and insurance costs, that's what happens. IVF. The three letters that can instantly make a woman feel less than she should. Infertility makes us uncomfortable. It should be as easy as wanting to conceive a child and then it happens. But anyone who has faced any kind of fertility issue knows that just isn't the case. All the "fun" that comes along with making a baby gets replaced by stress, numerous doctor's visits, and expensive treatments.

    But now the frequency of IVF is being questioned by the medical community.

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    My wife and I constantly get asked when our two-year-old daughter can expect a baby brother or sister. New friends are the most curious. But even strangers are guilty -- especially friends of my younger sister, whose four-strong brood barely squeezes into a single SUV. "So...," they begin, due to the lack of natural segues into entirely inappropriate questions. Having the responsibly of keeping one child alive is only fooling around, according to these people, so isn't it time we got serious already?

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    Have you heard of the fertility e-book called Pregnancy Miracle? It’s been making waves recently as the be-all-and-end-all of infertility woes. Author Lisa Olson claims that by following her holistic program, infertile women can get pregnant within 60 days -- even if they’re in their late 30s or 40s.

    There is no shortage of glowing reviews online for the immediately downloadable $39 e-book, but I’m not buying it. Most recently reviewed on, Stan Stevenson claims that “based on scientific research,” the book addresses “up to 97 percent of infertility issues.”

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    After giving birth and looking back at pre-baby life, a lot of women say they were reborn after becoming moms -- that their lives changed for the better and they can't imagine a world without their children. But one mom can actually say that her baby may have -- literally -- saved her life. 

    After noticing that she had developed inexplicable swelling under her ribs, Nicola Weller visited doctors and received the most dreadful news of all: she had a tumor in her uterus and they were unsure whether it was cancerous. The 29-year-old had to wait what must have been the worst 12 weeks of her life until her next medical scan. And that's when she received the most amazing news of her life. 

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    44 Is Not Too Old to Have a Baby

    posted by Ericka Sóuter December 4, 2013 at 5:41 PM in Pregnancy
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    For some of us, the question isn't when is the perfect age to have a baby. Rather it's am I too old to have one? It's a scary reality hitting a lot of women these days. They may have dedicated most of their lives to careers and only recently realize they want a family or, like me, had one child and waited years before thinking about baby #2. Does that mean pregnancy is not in the cards for you? The answer is NO! If you have your doubts, read on.

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    Growing up, Breeanna "Bree" Speicher didn't tell many people her biological father was an anonymous sperm donor. She was too afraid of what people would think. But now the high schooler is about to share that and  whole lot more with the world as star of MTV's new docu-drama Generation Cryo, which airs tonight in the 10 p.m. time slot that used to be taken up by Teen Mom.

    Coming on the heels of the release of Dreamworks' Delivery Man, a movie about a (fictional) man who finds out he's the father of some 533 kids because of some donations he made to a sperm bank, the show is a more serious look at what it means to have a child thanks to donor sperm. With IVF and IUI rates climbing rapidly in the United States, the network has partnered with the Donor Sibling Registry, a site where kids born from donor sperm, egg, or embryo can meet up to find relatives, to bring the story of Bree and her half-siblings scattered 'round the country to the masses. 

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    The future is officially now, because a company recently patented their technology to make it possible for parents to choose certain traits and characteristics of their babies. As in, want your baby to have blue eyes? No problem! Want a kid who grows up to be over 5"7"? They've got you covered! Hoping your child will be captain of the football team? Hope no more!

    Well, it's kind of like that.

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    Ever since news leaked that Mackenzie Douthit is pregnant with baby number two, the Teen Mom 3 star has been fielding a lot of criticism. She isn't even 19! And her second pregnancy came before she and Josh McKee even got married!

    Why would a girl who fought a hard fight with her mom to get herself on birth control to prevent a second pregnancy make a move so many are calling dumb? She's finally given the world an answer ... and, well, it's interesting.

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    You would think that couples desperate enough to conceive a child through IVF would be thrilled to their toes to be pregnant with not just one little bundle of joy, but two. And even though most people have a secret preference in the gender department, normal people get over it and love their babies regardless.

    But then you have the couples like this anonymous one on Babble. They tried for two years to provide a little sister for their young son, eventually turned to in vitro fertilization, got pregnant with twins, and then (gasp!) found out both babies were boys (horror!). They even considered terminating one of them, but decided that that would be “too Machiavellian.”

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    A 37-year-old woman from New York unexpectedly became a mom a few days ago. She gave birth to a surprise baby boy -- after being rushed to the hospital with horrible abdominal pain.

    Teresa Brown believed she had appendicitis or gall stones, and after undergoing blood work at the hospital, she was told that she was pregnant and was actually in labor. She welcomed baby Andrew a mere 45 minutes later, who weighed in at 4 pounds, 12 ounces and is healthy, despite being born two weeks early and having no prenatal care.

    And I know you've heard plenty of stories about women who didn't know they were pregnant and have probably wondered how in the heck they didn't realize there was a baby growing inside of them.

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