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    There are different kinds of home births just as there are different kinds of hospital births. Some are very planned, some are emergencies. But one thing that is important to note is that women have home births that are planned, researched, and with midwives and doulas. Some women also have unassisted home births but are knowledgeable in what to do if a situation arises. To call a 16-year-old's secret birth after a secret pregnancy a home birth is wrong. To say that a baby died because of a botched home birth is giving home births a bad name. But that is what many in the media are doing.

    The case bringing this up is regarding an unnamed 16-year-old girl from North Carolina. She hid her pregnancy from her parents, gave birth in the home, and then buried the baby in the backyard. This is not a botched home birth.

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    Just as many of us unflinchingly identify with one side of the political aisle or the other, the decision to give birth at home or at a hospital is not even a question to many moms-to-be who wouldn't even think of opting for one or the other. Still, there are some who are on the fence, and a new analysis that appears online in The American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology may be used to influence these undecided pregnant women.

    An analysis of data collected from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2006 to 2009 on almost 14 million births, including 130K non-hospital deliveries, concluded that giving birth in a hospital is "considerably safer" than having a baby at home or in a birthing center.

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    We talk about home birth a lot. But around 1 percent of women choose to have their babies at home -- though that number is rising thanks to a natural birthing trend. Home birth isn't something we should fear. We've gone over this before -- women were made to birth babies! It's our superpower. And even though we talk so much about why more women are choosing home birth and natural birth over heavily medicated birth, we should really be talking about why women didn't trust their superpower to begin with. Why did we forget our ability and slowly over time decide we needed a ton of medical intervention to have a baby? Because back in 1900, about 95 percent of births happened at home. By the 40s, that declined to 44 percent. In 1969, 1 percent. But now it's starting to go up again. 

    My theory? Doctors fed us information so we can do business with them. The medical advances are amazing, but they don't always belong in child birth. This infograph should open more eyes.

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    Let's talk about animal birth for a second. Animals give birth in the wild. They just birth. Why can't we? You don't see giraffes heading to the giraffe hospital asking for a giraffe epidural and having giraffe Pitocin. Humans are capable of birthing in the wild. If we wanted to. If we trusted ourselves more. If doctors trusted the process more. It's not that we are animals -- though sometimes we are just like them -- but can we agree that we are as capable as giraffes to give birth? I'd argue yes.

    That "wild" place for humans would be at home. Home birth isn't some crazy experience reserved only for granola-eating hippies. It's for everyone simply because we can all birth at home -- without intervention -- provided there isn't some sort of extreme circumstance. There is proof. Doctors need to get on board.

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    I absolutely love everything about the idea of giving birth to my third baby at home. Everything from having my two older children close to me to having a midwife who responds to me as a human being and respects the body and it's natural process is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone.

    But it is a little weird. This is a fact my husband and I have been especially aware of over the past several weeks during which we have been procuring our very strange list of home birth supplies as provided by my midwife.

    The list might seem normal to anyone who has had a home birth, but my first two were hospital births and let me tell you, I needed NONE of these things. Here is a list of 7 of the weirdest parts of my home-birth list:

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    Ha! Have you seen the Homebirth Dads calendar yet? OMG. It's, like, the funniest thing EVER. Basically a group of dads decided to pay tribute to the experiences their wives had during labor and delivery -- so they participated in a photo shoot to re-create pregnancy and birth moments as if they were the ones experiencing them.

    The whole concept behind the calendar from InnerBirth Midwifery is not only funny -- it's pretty darn sweet too. Part of the proceeds will go to the Greater Racine Collaborative for Healthy Birth Outcomes, which strives to reduce the infant mortality rate in the area of Wisconsin where the group is located.

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    The latest numbers are out revealing just how much it costs to have a baby in the hospital -- just including pregnancy and labor and delivery. In about nine months' time, you can rack up a bill of $21,000 for having a single baby. If it's twins, it's more than double, with the price ballooning to $105,000. Triplets or more ... $400,000. Money, money, money. Business is booming at hospitals, right? And the more procedures they "have" to perform and the more drugs you "need," the more money they make.

    If you compare these prices with how much a home birth costs, you may realize how some hospitals are really sticking it to us.

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    There are times when a woman wants to have a home birth but it's out of the question because of the home. Maybe because it's an apartment that doesn't quite feel like "home" -- I can relate to that. Or maybe you are in the middle of a move and don't want to give birth amongst walls of boxes. Packing and unpacking is certainly stressful enough as it is. The boxes surrounding you as you labor wouldn't be conducive to a stress-free birth.

    Such is the case for Kristen and Pippen Kingsbury, who decided to give birth in a luxury hotel in Portland, Oregon. They also documented the magical day on video.

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    When it comes to how you choose to bring your baby into the world, I'm a firm believer that you should do what works best for you and your family. It could be delivering in a hospital, having a homebirth, having a water birth, going the natural route when it comes to pain management, and so on and so forth.

    But after hearing about something called "freebirthing," I can't help but feel the urge to go ahead and put my judgy pants on and get a little preachy. What exactly is freebirthing, you ask? Well, it's giving birth on your own. As in by yourself. As in pushing out a baby without the assistance of doctors, nurses, midwives, or even a doula.

    Yes, women are actually doing this -- and raving about their experiences with it.

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    When I was pregnant, I had one thought in mind: which hospital do I want to have my baby in? Home birth wasn't an option.

    It's not because I think home birthers are crazy granola types who are risking their babies' lives. Anything but. Home birth is a great option. For some moms.

    But as a mother who lives nearly 45 minutes from her closest -- rural -- hospital, it wasn't viable for me. If something were to go wrong, it would be 45 agonizing minutes in the car to get to the medical center, and it doesn't even have a NICU!

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