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    When it comes to trying to conceive, couples are often inundated with a barrage of old wives' tales, myths, tips, and tricks that generally aren't backed by clinical research. Regardless, we all want to know whether there are certain sex positions to get pregnant faster.

    "There's no magic way to get the sperm and the egg together and to ensure that happening," says infertility specialist Joshua Hurwitz, MD, OB/GYN with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT). "There are a lot of urban legends floating around out there that do a disservice to couples, because they feel like they're not doing it right, and that's why they're not getting pregnant."

    Nonetheless, anecdotal evidence -- and yes, even science -- supports trying a few positions before, during, and after sex to set the stage for an easier, and perhaps an even more successful, attempt at getting pregnant. Here, 8 to consider adding to your babymaking repertoire.

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    Clearly Jill Duggar does not believe in taking her sweet time: After being courted at blinding speed by Derick Dillard, the two married, then bam! A mere two months after their wedding, Jill announced she's pregnant with their first child.

    The suddenness of this announcement struck many as fishy -- particularly since Jill had insisted up and down that she hadn't as much as kissed her husband before their wedding day. Add this to the fact that due to the high risk of miscarriage during the first trimester, most women wait until the three-month mark to announce a pregnancy. If that's what Jill did, then she must have gotten jiggy with hubs before they tied the knot. Only does this theory hold water?

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    Jill Duggar Is Having a Baby!

    posted by Jodi Meltzer August 20 at 10:53 AM in Pregnancy
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    If you blinked, you may have missed Jill Duggar (now Dillard) and Derick Dillard's courtship. They met, traveled through Nepal with Jill's dad Jim Bob in tow, got engaged, and married in a nanosecond. And now Jill Duggar is pregnant!

    Word has it, after taking several negative pregnancy tests, Jill's sisters convinced her to take just one more at her parents' house. Her mom, Michelle, has 19 Kids & CountingWho wouldn't want all that baby juju floating around while waiting for results? Whatever it was, it worked: Jill was elated when she finally got her positive pregnancy test.

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    Forget book clubs and paint nites, champagne-fueled egg freezing parties are the hot new girls' night out trend. Career women in-the-know have now turned to toasting how to delay motherhood until they're ready with "Let's Chill" celebrations.

    Women are taking a subject they fear -- their biological clocks -- and turning the hands of time in their favor.


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    Love babies, hate pregnancy? Then you're in luck: Scientists recently announced that artificial wombs will be a viable option in 20 years and widely available in 30. Birthing babies outside a mother's body is called ectogenesis. The technology has actually been around since 2001, when researchers at Cornell University grew sheets of endometrial tissue, then fashioned them into a uterus. Human embryos were even grown successfully inside but had to be removed due to laws stating it's illegal to grow humans in a lab. Still, these developments suggest it may only be a matter of time before this sci-fi scenario becomes all too real.

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    Ever since the Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed in 1978, it's been illegal to discriminate against pregnant women in the workplace. Problem is, employers aren't totally getting it, which is why the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently issued new guidelines on this issue -- the first time it's done so in 30 years. We say it's about time! But we also understand why it hasn't totally sunk in, since legalese isn't the easiest language to understand. So we asked legal experts to spell out what these new guidelines really mean. Here's a cheat sheet:

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    Some women will try ANYTHING to increase their odds of getting pregnant, and the latest alleged fertility booster burning up the message boards is this: using raw egg whites as lubricant during sex. Sure, your knee-jerk reaction might be ewww ... but some moms swear this method holds water.

    So ... what do the experts say?

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    Birth control may conjure up images for the Pill, condoms, or IUDs, but a growing number of moms are exploring natural birth control methods due to religious reasons, holistic leanings, or side effects suffered from more mainstream options. "Interest in natural contraceptives is becoming more and more common, even among the nonreligious, because people want to get away from artificial medications," says Dr. Jennifer Burns, a naturopathic family practitioner and founder of the Bienetre Center in Phoenix, Arizona. And done right, these methods can be surprisingly reliable.

    Check out your main natural birth control options below: 

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    The road to pregnancy is often full of false alarms. Why? Because many early pregnancy symptoms (cramps, cravings) are quite similar to the symptoms before your period -- and the fact that the signs are different for every woman only adds to the confusion.

    That said, as a general rule, there are subtle differences between pregnancy and garden-variety PMS that can help you suss out which one you're dealing with. Here are a few signs that you may have a baby on board, and how these symptoms differ from a period:

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    Jessie Lee Herald is the father of seven children from at least six different women -- though the 27-year-old Virginia man's own friends have trouble keeping track of the exact number of kids he has fathered. This month he was sentenced to nearly two years in prison for child endangerment, hit and run, and driving with a suspended license. At the time of his accident, Herald was with his 3-year-old son, who was reportedly "bloodied," but not seriously injured.

    You may think this dad deserves to serve his sentence and even more time -- and I agree. But wait until you hear the one condition the judge offered him in exchange for a lesser sentence: Herald has to get a vasectomy.

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