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    If expectant or new moms are seen in our culture as glowing and blissful as they enter parenthood, dads tend to be the opposite. The assumption -- however old school -- that the foray into fatherhood freaks guys out remains popular. From the minute that little positive sign appears on a pregnancy test, their thoughts must be racing a mile a minute, right?

    Well ... maybe. Not every dad is freaking out, but more than half of American men report feeling completely unprepared for being a father, according to Will Courtenay, PhD, LCSW, author of Dying to Be Men and founder of the website There's good news, though: "There’s really nothing extraordinary that’s required to bolster their confidence as fathers," says Courtenay.

    In fact, the experts had some pretty simple fixes when The Stir polled fathers on their biggest anxieties about being a dad:

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    Sixty years ago, moms and dads had pretty defined roles in the American family. Dad went out and made a living, while mom took care of the home. She cooked, cleaned, and did the lion's share of the childcare, while dad spent his time earning the money that kept the family afloat. For some, this system worked. But for many, it was ultimately unsatisfying, which is why now, decades later, things have changed so dramatically. 

    Today it isn't uncommon to see a dad at the park alone with his kids. Just the other day I watched my neighbor play in the baby pool with his three children under 4 while his loving wife did her shift at the hospital as an emergency pediatrician. Pretty impressive but also pretty standard nowadays.

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    On Father's Day, you may thank your dad for your love of baseball or your husband for your baby's blue eyes. But bear in mind: You may have them to thank for much more. It's not just shared hobbies or genetic traits dads bring to the table for their kids ... 

    "Fathers play a key role in the development of their children," explains Kim Painter, Ph.D., a child and family psychologist in New Jersey. Here, 7 things dads' behaviors and parenting influence more than moms ...

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    Father's Day is officially less than a week away, so it's high time to celebrate and acknowledge our dads for being so, well, awesome.

    A new video shows us just how many times we've called on our dads. From that very first "dada" to the time we call him stranded on the side of the road with a broken-down car, he's always been there to answer the call.

    Check out the clip, and make sure you have some tissues handy:

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    I swore it would never happen to me because, since I am me, I am in control of such things. Well, that was a flawed theory because, somehow, I have managed to become that dad.

    You know, the one we all hate before having kids of our own. I abashedly submit to you the evidence:

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    “I think the ladies will be impressed by my style sense,” President Barack Obama confidently said at a Gap store, where he picked out sweaters for his daughters and a workout jacket for wife Michelle. I must say, Obama made some good choices, but he is the PRESIDENT of the United States; he is responsible for trying to make LOTS of good choices every single day. It's safe to say that he can be trusted in making fashion choices for his girls.

    But you know which man I don't trust to dress his daughter?

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    Long gone are her days of downing shots and partying until the wee hours of the morning. Nowadays, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley rings in her birthday with pounds of cake and her favorite pregnancy craving... pizza!

    In honor of her 28th birthday, the former Jersey Shore party girl, and current star of Snooki & JWOWW partied with her fiance, Roger Matthews, and crew at the Drunken Monkey (owned by Mob Wives' Big Ang) on Staten Island Friday night. The Stir was there to celebrate with her and to get a little insight about how pregnancy is changing her ways. 

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    I walk around the house naked and let my 2-year-old daughter follow me into the bathroom when I pee. I don't want her raised like me, to think that being seen as you were born is something shameful.

    It's my personal statement against puritanism, societally imposed self-hatred, and doing laundry. Studies have shown that children reared by nudists -- and they definitely are reared -- grow up better adjusted.

    OK, so maybe I don't do much laundry.

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    Dude. Have you ever had the chance to do "hot laps" in a car on a closed course? Um, I have. And it's one of the coolest yet most odd and slightly terrifying experiences -- because you literally can't think, speak, or breathe while the car is spinning around.

    But me describing it to you really doesn't do the sensation justice, which is why you have to see this video of a 3-year-old's reaction to racing with his dad around the track.

    Check it out.

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    If a sudden medical emergency left you brain dead while you were pregnant, would you want to be kept on life support until your baby was born? No, I'm not talking about Marlise Munoz, the pregnant woman kept on life support against her husband's wishes. Robyn Benson is being kept alive until she can deliver her baby -- and it's exactly what her husband, Dylan, wants.

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