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    There's no shame in admitting you would rather slice off your arm than deliver a baby without the help of heavy drugs. When I gave birth to my first child, there was no doubt in my mind that I would get an epidural -- if it's good enough for more than 50 percent of women who give birth in hospitals, I thought, it's good enough for me. And it did deliver what it promised: my contractions were so painless, I had to be told when to push.

    But the epi also made my body a bit of a wreck after birth -- a shaky, feverish, low blood-pressured wreck. How do I know it was the epidural, you ask? Oh, because when I delivered my son a few days ago -- and I had every intention of getting drugs -- I was denied an epi because I had dilated too quickly. My recovery was amazingly quick and I felt great right away -- but this happy discovery didn't make labor any less frightening. Here are 21 thoughts you just might have if, like me, you discover -- surprise! -- they'll be no drugs for you, missy.

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    Is the fetus growing in your uterus judging you? Don't bother thinking about the answer. I'll just tell you: The answer is yes, and I have proof. Your fetus has been tweeting about every single thing you do wrong. Or someone's fetus is -- the newest fake Twitter handle is @JudgyFetus, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Someone is pretending to be a fetus, judging its pregnant mother for everything she does. Whoa mamas, is your inner critic this harsh? I'll say this much: The development of Judgy Fetus' sense of humor is astoundingly advanced.

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    As someone who has struggled with body image issues for basically as long as I can remember -- pregnancy was a rough time. It’s tough to live in a culture where women are valued and judged based on how trim their figures are and then, all of a sudden, spend nine months with an ever-expanding midsection, swollen everything, and stretchmarks as evidence of rapid weight gain.

    It’s even tougher for women who have struggled with full-on eating disorders before becoming pregnant. Those warped body images run deep in the psyche, and if you’re prone to feeling guilty at the mere thought of eating a second (tiny) helping, it’s something that you really need to watch if you’re incubating a baby.

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    Kailyn Lowry may be a reality star, but the mother of two has gained a faithful following of fans in large part because she's not afraid to open up about the tough stuff going on in her life. This week the star of Teen Mom 2 quietly shared a pregnancy confession on her Instagram page. Beside a photo of her sleeping newborn, Lincoln, Kail 'fessed up that her second pregnancy was far from ideal. In fact, Kailyn went so far as to admit she did not "connect" to her second son during pregnancy.

    Pretty brave of her to say it, don't you think? With the way people swarm around these Teen Moms, ready to criticize anything they say? Still, I'm glad she's speaking out.

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    When I was pregnant with my first baby, I went through a period where I felt lonely and slightly depressed. My husband, who is usually wonderful and beyond supportive, became so obsessed with providing for us financially that he slacked for a while in the emotions department. I was frightened to death about becoming a mom and beyond terrified that something bad was going to happen to my baby -- that she wouldn't be healthy. Many of my friends still hadn't become moms yet, so my emotions were lost on them. 

    But one person totally "got me." He was always there for me and would listen to every one of my mom concerns AND have an answer -- an actual answer that wasn't "stop worrying." Yep, I kind of, sort of developed a crush on my gynecologist.

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    The exact day I celebrated my third trimester, I also welcomed one of the more annoying pregnancy symptoms: insomnia. It's been one week and, without fail, each morning I spring up at almost exactly 4:30 a.m. from out of what feels like a deep and relaxing sleep. I listen to my husband breathe loudly for a few minutes. I switch positions a hundred times and tell myself it's all in my head and I can easily get back to sleep if I would just let myself calm down.

    Then I finally admit defeat, tiptoe out to the living room, and try to come up with something to do to fill up the next three hours. Instead of viewing insomnia as a curse, I've decided to see it with new eyes this time around and consider it a blessing

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    Dear formerly pregnant friends,

    I know this is way, way overdue on my part -- but I really owe you an apology for how I reacted when you excitedly told me you were going to be a mom. The minute "I'm pregnant!" came out of your mouth, I saw the look of pure joy and elation on your face. But what did I do instead of sharing in that happiness with you? I immediately started ranting and raving about how much your life was going to change -- and not necessarily for the better.

    And I wasn't trying to rain on your parade ... I swear. I simply thought giving you the brutally honest version of what to expect with a baby's arrival would spare you hours and hours of sitting on the couch crying and wondering why you weren't adjusting naturally to motherhood ... because that's what happened to me after I had my kid.

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    There's something about being pregnant on New Year's Eve and day that makes you feel more reflective. Blame it on sobriety, but it's actually really nice to spend the holiday with a clear mind that gives you the power to actually make resolutions you'll want to keep. I've never been one for promising myself I'll spend more time at the gym or eat less meat after January 1 -- but I'm all for resolutions that can slowly be achieved over the course of the year.

    And so I've vowed to make 2014 the year I focus solely on goals that will make me a better mom. Talk about pressure!

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    What is it about a woman's pregnant body that makes some people want to run for the hills when you're around and others spew every nonsensical thing they can possibly utter about bumps and bellies while in your presence?

    Actress Olivia Wilde said it best on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno this week. She joked that some people go as far as asking her if she wants to ride on a roller coaster or drink whiskey when the fact that she is pregnant is plain as day. I consider these folks the best of the bunch. They've chosen to lie remain silent about her expanding body rather than draw attention to it and risk humiliating themselves and hurting her feelings if, let's say, she's just bloated at the moment and not really pregnant. 

    But far too many people still consider it their duty to comment on your tummy when you're expecting. And there's just no need.

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    A 37-year-old woman from Brazil made headlines this week when doctors performed an emergency C-section on her only to realize she was not pregnant. The woman believed she was 41 weeks pregnant and was admitted to a hospital after complaining about abdominal pain. Not sure if her doctors gave her a sonogram or why they wouldn't after failing to detect a heartbeat, but they reportedly decided to perform a Cesarean because she looked pregnant and was experiencing some pregnancy symptoms, like nausea.

    This story sounds fishy, but the woman's actual condition isn't as odd as you may think. Docs say she had a "phantom" pregnancy, which is when women are so thoroughly convinced they are pregnant that they actually experience bodily changes that resemble those felt during pregnancy. 

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