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    When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I think I was most excited for my feeding frenzy. I’d be able to eat whatever I wanted without worrying about getting fat. Or rather, when I did get fat, I’d have a pretty good excuse for it.

    I dreamed of nights filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream, days of chips and dip, dinners of thick juicy steaks and lots and lots of mashed potatoes. I’d start out eating for three, just in case I had twins in there. And once I found out for sure I didn’t, maybe I’d cut down just a wee bit.

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    Long gone are her days of downing shots and partying until the wee hours of the morning. Nowadays, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley rings in her birthday with pounds of cake and her favorite pregnancy craving... pizza!

    In honor of her 28th birthday, the former Jersey Shore party girl, and current star of Snooki & JWOWW partied with her fiance, Roger Matthews, and crew at the Drunken Monkey (owned by Mob Wives' Big Ang) on Staten Island Friday night. The Stir was there to celebrate with her and to get a little insight about how pregnancy is changing her ways. 

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    A new study from the University of Copenhagen has revealed that pregnant moms-to-be who drink up to a bottle of wine a month (a small amount by any stretch) actually have better behaved, more relaxed children than those who abstain throughout. So, bottoms up (on our five sip glasses of wine), right?

    Well, not so fast.

    As a mom who is three weeks away from delivering her third baby, I have heard A LOT of advice when it comes to pregnancy. What it always comes down to for me is that I will take the advice that makes the most sense for the best possible outcome for my baby. In my case, that means no drinking. I can abstain nine months. I'll be OK. Of course, now I may live to regret that.

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    Peanuts have a bad reputation because some people are very allergic. Makes sense. Some of those allergic reactions are very serious. But what ended up happening is people began to believe that eating nuts during pregnancy or even when breastfeeding could also be harmful. As it turns out, in many cases, the opposite is true.

    Danish researchers from the Statens Serum Institute reported in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology that eating nuts while pregnant could have a protective effect on babies.

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    Ah, pregnancy. A time in a woman's life when she glows, looks sexier than ever, and is showered with constant attention, adoration, and free foot rubs.

    Right. That's how you could describe your first pregnancy and you wouldn't be too far off. But if this is your second pregnancy, you need to prepare yourself because things are going to be a wee bit different. 

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    So you gave up your delicious daily cup of coffee when you found out you were pregnant. Good for you! You won't go within eight feet of unpasteurized cheese or shellfish and you're even trying to swear off canned foods. You're doing everything right -- or else you think you are. And then you find out that tea -- even green tea -- which you assumed was not only safe, but beneficial for you and your baby, could actually be far more dangerous than your cup of Joe. Here's what you need to know. 

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    Whoa baby! A woman in China just delivered a 13 pound 10 ounce infant, who is roughly twice the size of the average Chinese newborn.

    As of now, both the mother and the child are doing well, though no details were released as to whether she gave birth naturally or via a C-section. (For her sake, let's hope she had a C ...)

    And while larger than normal babies aren't exactly anything new -- the reason this woman gives for why her little one is anything but little is actually pretty surprising.

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    A woman who is six months pregnant has been criticized for her extreme diet, which consists mostly of raw fruit, with occasional raw vegetables thrown in. Loni Jane Anthony starts out her day with lemon water; for breakfast she'll have oranges; for lunch she'll have dozens of bananas and mangoes (and maybe a salad); dinner is a big salad (and possibly a few potatoes). Many think Loni's extreme fruitarian diet is endangering her unborn child.

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    Are you ready to tear out even more of your gorgeously shiny pregnant hair because you just can't figure out what's safe to eat and what to avoid? Brace yourself: the latest study on eating fish while pregnant reveals that everything you've been told about restricting your intake of fish because of concerns over mercury is probably wrong. Oh, joy! As it turns out, fish only account for a measly 7 percent of the mercury in a person's body, and according to one researcher, if you're preggers and worried about mercury, cutting out fish isn't going to do a whole lot of good -- plus its benefits probably outweigh its harmful properties. He suggests instead chucking other things from your diet that I had no idea contain mercury. White rice -- okay, fine, I can do that. But herbal teas? Is there no end to this torture? 

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    When pregnant and thinking of things I wanted to help my children be someday (loving, inquisitive, healthy, etc.), tall never actually came up on my list. I figured it was pretty much up to genetics, and as long as I didn't do something that knowingly stunts growth, like smoking while pregnant, they'd grow to the height determined by their DNA. Turns out, there was something I could have done to make them taller people.

    It's simple and, unfortunately, not something I did (sorry, kids!). But if you're pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, it's something you may want to consider.

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