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    When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I think I was most excited for my feeding frenzy. I’d be able to eat whatever I wanted without worrying about getting fat. Or rather, when I did get fat, I’d have a pretty good excuse for it.

    I dreamed of nights filled with mint chocolate chip ice cream, days of chips and dip, dinners of thick juicy steaks and lots and lots of mashed potatoes. I’d start out eating for three, just in case I had twins in there. And once I found out for sure I didn’t, maybe I’d cut down just a wee bit.

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    Long gone are her days of downing shots and partying until the wee hours of the morning. Nowadays, Jenni "JWOWW" Farley rings in her birthday with pounds of cake and her favorite pregnancy craving... pizza!

    In honor of her 28th birthday, the former Jersey Shore party girl, and current star of Snooki & JWOWW partied with her fiance, Roger Matthews, and crew at the Drunken Monkey (owned by Mob Wives' Big Ang) on Staten Island Friday night. The Stir was there to celebrate with her and to get a little insight about how pregnancy is changing her ways. 

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    Ah, pregnancy. A time in a woman's life when she glows, looks sexier than ever, and is showered with constant attention, adoration, and free foot rubs.

    Right. That's how you could describe your first pregnancy and you wouldn't be too far off. But if this is your second pregnancy, you need to prepare yourself because things are going to be a wee bit different. 

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    When you think of Rachel Zoe, there is one thing that NEVER comes to mind. Fashion, yes. A huge celeb following, yes. Food (and by that I mean eating it). No. The woman has always been frighteningly thin. I can tell you how many times I've watched her on The Rachel Zoe Project and tried to will her to eat a sandwich. Hell, I'd settle for seeing her munch on a single French fry. Of course, she never did. So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by her recent comments about pregnancy cravings -- yet, I am.

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    After hearing celeb mom Kate Winslet share her pregnancy craving, I couldn't help but nod my head and chuckle a little bit. She turned up on the red carpet in London for the premiere of her new flick, Labor Day. It's clear that having a bun in the oven definitely agrees with her -- even though she joked that she might wet herself if she happened to sneeze, something every pregnant woman can totally relate to.

    Ok, back to what she can't get enough of these days. No, Kate isn't indulging in pickles and ice cream or gorging on entire pans of brownies covered in Velveeta or anything gross like that.

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    9 Ways Pregnancy Rumors Get Started

    posted by Jeanne Sager September 24, 2013 at 2:57 PM in Baby
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    So much changes when you have a baby. SO MUCH. But here's one you probably didn't expect: you have one baby, and all of a sudden, everything you say makes people think you're pregnant again.

    Have you noticed this? It's as if having a baby has awakened the world to your fertile nature, and now they expect you to be popping out babies every time they turn around. I'm one of those one and done moms (hey, to each her own), so the truth of it is, I will never be pregnant again. But no matter how many times I've said this to my friends and family, no one believes me.

    In fact, I've found there are sayings I have to avoid entirely because when you're a woman of a certain age, especially a woman of a certain age who already has a kid, saying ANY of them will start the rumor mill churning with news of your impending pregnancy:

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    For a lot of women, pregnancy is an opportunity to quit smoking. But I've just discovered a pregnancy smoking loophole: e-cigarettes. Some doctors are telling their patients that "vaping" is okay during pregnancy. Or anyway, they're giving vaping the green light because it's less bad than smoking.

    On one hand I can see how this would make sense. At least with e-cigarettes, you're not inhaling all the usual carcinogens you get with regular cigarettes. Just clean, pure nicotine. Which still crosses the placenta and is still no good for your baby. Okay, fine, it's not just pure nicotine -- it's also propylene glycol (PEG), the stuff they use to make smoke in theatrical productions. That's probably ... not terrible ... right? Or they wouldn't send it puffing through theaters? Well, one thing you should know: E-cigarettes haven't been approved by the FDA.

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    Have you done anything during your pregnancy that has kind of gone against your way of life, beliefs, or convictions simply because you know in your gut it's what's best for your baby? Well, that's exactly what 34-year-old Laura Dixon did after learning she was pregnant with triplets.

    As much as a major shift as it was, she gave up being a vegetarian in the hopes of having a healthier pregnancy. Whether her intake of meat actually had anything to do with her safely delivering three babies, Max, Mia, and Mason at 35 weeks or not -- Laura credits her diet change for the success of her pregnancy.

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    Pregnancy cravings can get us into a little bit of trouble sometimes. Am I right, Kim Kardashian? Those midnight meatballs and Mallomars can really take their toll. But trouble is relative. Have your pregnancy cravings ever landed you in the hospital with a heart condition? One pregnant woman's craving for baking soda went horribly awry. You can probably guess what happened based on what I wrote two sentences ago. I'll give you a hint: heart condition.

    Yes, it was pica. What else could lead a person to eat an entire one-pound box of baking soda every day through her pregnancy? No joke (I'm going to stop joking now), it was not just a quirky habit. It seriously damaged her health. Her symptoms at 37 weeks included dizziness, feelings of weakness, irregular heartbeat, and low levels of potassium.

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    When you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt, you think adorable. No matter how old she gets or what kind of hooker she plays, she's still just got that cuteness factor about her -- and so do her pregnancy cravings.

    The Client List star announced last month that she's expecting her first child with her fiance, Brian Hallisay, and this weekend she displayed her growing belly at a Mickey Mouse event in Burbank, California. She looked, of course, adorable, and she talked about how pregnancy is affecting her -- especially when it comes to her cravings.

    Thankfully, she's not professing to crave something lame like broccoli or Swiss chard, like some of these celebrities who make us roll our eyes. Nope, Jen has a real, decadent, awesome pregnancy craving she's indulging, to which we can actually relate.

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