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    A mother dying during childbirth is one of the greatest tragedies there is. So we feel for Tafari Brathwaite, whose wife Victoria Rexach died delivering their twins at Richmond University Hospital. Now her family claims that she and her children died because the doctor ignored the mom-to-be's pleas.

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    I suppose it's what most little girls dream about: one day finding themselves in the same boat as a princess. Only, for Kate Middleton's sake, I wish her current condition wasn't one she shared with a mere commoner. Word has it the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with baby number two, and she's been stuck in a hospital suffering from a severe morning sickness known in the medical community as hyperemesis gravidarum.

    Been there. Done that. Have the torn up esophagus and acid reflux medication prescription to show for it ... nine full years after my daughter's birth.

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    It's a classic movie scene. The woman finds herself running to the bathroom to throw up, and suddenly it dawns on her, "I'm pregnant." Indeed, morning sickness is one of the classic signs of pregnancy, and some 85 percent of pregnant women will feel nauseated and throw up in the first trimester. But that's not every mom's story. For 2 percent of expectant mothers, an extreme morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum sets in sometime before the ninth week of pregnancy.

    They're not just a little nauseous. They can't keep anything down. They're losing weight. They're dehydrated. Their OB/GYN is throwing around words like "ketones in the urine" and "liver abnormalities."

    Hyperemesis gravidarum, or HG as it's commonly called, is one of the most common causes of hospital admissions for pregnant women. And unlike a mom suffering from run-of-the-mill morning sickness, a woman with HG will have unrelenting nausea and vomiting with no other obvious cause.

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    Giving birth to twins may not seem like it's big news. After all, there are more twins being born in America than ever before -- about one in 30 babies born in the United States is a twin. But one mom has given birth to a set of babies who really break the mold. Her twins were born 24 days apart!

    What has turned out to be a miracle started as a nightmare for mom Lindalva Pinheiro da Silva, who went into labor at just 24 weeks pregnant back in March. Her son, Alexandre, was born four days later, and doctors assumed his brother would come out that day too.

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    Oh no, you guys! Things have been pretty routine with her pregnancy thus far, but Jenelle Evans had a health scare earlier this week that almost landed her in the hospital.

    A couple days ago, she tweeted about the incident, saying, "Close call. Got extremely dehydrated and almost had to go to the doctor. Ugh, can't hold any food down." Huh. I wonder if her dehydration had anything to do with the fact that she's hit the beach and wound up with a sunburn a couple times recently?

    Could be.

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    The blood was pooling. I tried reassuring my wife while rushing her to the hospital, but she knew what was happening. The admitting nurse validated our fears by asking, "How far along were you?"

    The word miracle is overused. However, few others describe our daughter, Skylar Nicole. You can see the photo on the left. So you know we could not have asked for a better ending to this story. However, a better beginning and middle would have been effing nice.

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    If a sudden medical emergency left you brain dead while you were pregnant, would you want to be kept on life support until your baby was born? No, I'm not talking about Marlise Munoz, the pregnant woman kept on life support against her husband's wishes. Robyn Benson is being kept alive until she can deliver her baby -- and it's exactly what her husband, Dylan, wants.

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    A mom named Stephanie Arnold is counting her blessings this holiday season after dying while delivering her son and living to tell about it. When she gave birth to baby Jacob last May, Stephanie coded on the table for 37 seconds -- and she showed no vital signs.

    It turns out she had suffered an Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE), which is a condition where fetal material or amniotic fluid enters a mother's blood stream, triggering a horrible reaction. Having an AFE is so rare that Stephanie's OB-GYN had never even seen it happen before -- she'd only read about it.

    And 40 percent of women who have it happen do not survive. But after spending six days in a coma and weeks in the hospital after her ordeal, Stephanie is healthy and doesn't take one moment of holding her baby in her arms for granted. But you know what makes her story even more amazing? She had a gut feeling that she was going to die while expecting Jacob.

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    A 37-year-old woman from Brazil made headlines this week when doctors performed an emergency C-section on her only to realize she was not pregnant. The woman believed she was 41 weeks pregnant and was admitted to a hospital after complaining about abdominal pain. Not sure if her doctors gave her a sonogram or why they wouldn't after failing to detect a heartbeat, but they reportedly decided to perform a Cesarean because she looked pregnant and was experiencing some pregnancy symptoms, like nausea.

    This story sounds fishy, but the woman's actual condition isn't as odd as you may think. Docs say she had a "phantom" pregnancy, which is when women are so thoroughly convinced they are pregnant that they actually experience bodily changes that resemble those felt during pregnancy. 

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    It's bad enough to miscarry one child, but imagine miscarrying 10 babies -- all in one night. A woman in India has apparently set some kind of tragic record by miscarrying 10 babies in one night. The woman, a 28-year-old who had conceived 10 babies after in vitro fertilization, lost them all at 12 weeks. And the sad thing is that some of the babies probably could have been saved.

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