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    What does a comedian name their baby? Ask Jimmy Kimmel -- he's full of ideas. On Ellen this week, Kimmel announced his wife is expecting a baby -- their first together, and Jimmy's third (he has two grown children from a previous marriage). Naturally, he's being real mature about the whole thing. "I'm going to be one of those old dads!" he told Ellen. But not that mature! Guess what he wants to name his baby? He doesn't know the gender yet, but it doesn't matter. The real question is whether or not he'll manage to talk wife Molly McNearney into any of these names.

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    After a very complicated pregnancy, Teen Mom Mackenzie Douthit gave birth three weeks early to a healthy little girl. And like a normal reality star, she quickly took to Twitter to share the amazing news.

    "Josh cannot stop smiling. He's always wanted a little princess to look after," she tweeted along with this precious photo.

    So what's this little princess' name? Well, something tells me Mackenzie and Josh thought long and hard about this one ... because the name is really different but totally adorable.

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    Wow, Jenelle Evans moves fast! It's been, what, two months since the Teen Mom 2 star shared the news that she was expecting baby number two? And she's already shared her baby's gender this week and now ... the baby name!

    At least, what appears to be the name Jenelle and boyfriend Nathan Griffith have chosen for their first child together (second child for each of them) is out. A source disclosed to In Touch that they've already settled on both a first and a last name. 

    Are you ready for this?

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    With Teen Mom 2 set to premiere its fifth season on January 21, the focus is back on Jenelle Evans ... and her parenting. News that she's expecting her second child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith has only heated up the speculation about whether Jenelle has really changed from the party girl we were first introduced to back on 16 & Pregnant. Is Jenelle really ready for another pregnancy, another child?

    Who better to ask than Jenelle herself? The Stir sat down with the Teen Mom star to talk about her pregnancy. We got her to show off her baby bump and spill her due date!

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    If you're the kind of mom who prefers classic girls' names to super-hip or trendy names-of-the-moment, royalty may just provide the inspiration you need. No, I'm not referring to the royal family that we all love and adore -- though Kate is a perfectly beautiful name. I'm talking about lesser known queens, princesses, and duchesses from the past and present whose names evoke the kind of polished elegance that you just know will stand the test of time. 

    Here are 25 of the prettiest and most interesting royal baby girls' names.

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    Here's a bit of celeb news that will surprise exactly no one. Simon Cowell wants to name his baby Simon Cowell. In an interview with his ex-girlfriend, Terry Seymour, Simon said, "My number one choice is Simon because I like the name." ORLLY, Simon? Do tell. Up until this point the idea of naming your baby after yourself had never really struck me as particularly narcissistic. But now that he mentions it, hmm, it kind of does now.

    I understand the idea of passing down a family name, especially if your family has been doing it for generations. That's lovely, and it's always a bit of a pity when people break with that tradition. But what about when it's just you and your baby? Is that weird, in this day and age?

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    He's here! After much anticipation and many baby showers, Fergie and Josh Duhamel welcomed their first child into the world today. The baby boy, who was reportedly delivered via c-section, weighed in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces, and mother and baby are reportedly doing well.

    Unlike many celebrities, these two, thankfully, didn't make us wait and guess for the baby name announcement. Their rep announced it today, and it's pretty much perfect.

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    If we know anything about Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, it's that she's a planner. From her over-the-top parties to her donkey booty business, she has it all under control. When it came to the recent birth of her second son, however, she says it didn't go as planned at all.

    Though he was born May 8, Phaedra is just now discussing his birth and introducing him to the world. She recently told Us Weekly about his very unexpected birth -- three weeks before his due date.

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    The baby has a name! The baby has a name! Jimmy Fallon and Nancy Juvonen have named their new baby!

    What, you thought I meant the royal baby? Well, he has one too, but the future king of England wasn't the only little bundle to arrive in this world this week. The Late Night host surprised everyone with news that he was a new dad on Tuesday, but like the royals, he kept us waiting on the name.

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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dealing with a whole lot of hate right now for deciding to torture name their new baby girl North West. As baby names go, it certainly falls in "Mommy better be saving for my therapy" territory. But to be fair to Kimye, they're not exactly breaking celebrity ground here. Giving your kid a crazy name is practically a rite of passage in Hollywood.

    So how did Kim and Kanye do? On a scale from one to bananas? Take a look at the truly nutty names celebs have come up with lately.

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