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    I was thrilled when I heard Jersey Shore alum JWoww was pregnant with her first child. I am even more excited to hear what she is having. The star revealed today that ... it's ... a ... girl! Yippee! Jenni admits she was emotional and very surprised when she discovered her baby's sex and that she just felt like it was a boy all along. And it seems like she and fiance Roger Mathews are already making big plans for their little princess. 

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    Singer Kelly Clarkson is the epitome of the excited mom. After experiencing a super-challenging first trimester, in which the former American Idol star says she was plagued by constant morning sickness and vomiting, Kelly is finally able to attribute her drama-laden pregnancy with some amazing, great news: she's having a girl!

    The star could hardly contain her excitement and took to her Twitter page to make an official announcement. 

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    If you're at all superstitious, then this story is going to have you more than a little bit intrigued. Women in India are flocking to rub the extra hoof of a rare five-legged cow -- because so many before them have done the same and given birth to baby boys.

    Ever since a pregnant woman delivered twin boys after touching "Raju's" fifth hoof while begging for her fifth baby to be a boy -- the word has gotten out that this is no ordinary cow. And now women are actually paying to touch the hoof in the hopes of having a boy themselves.

    Did I mention that Raju's owner is so confident in his "abilities" -- he is willing to offer refunds to any women who wind up having baby girls after rubbing his foot?

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    Aww! Check out Kristin Cavallari's tiny little baby bump! Isn't she all sorts of adorbs? I just love her. And I'm so excited that she's expecting baby number two and that she'll be giving her son Camden a little brother or sister -- though she doesn't know what she's having quite yet.

    And yes, Kristen and Jay Cutler do plan on finding out their baby's sex -- and you aren't going to believe the clever and cute way they're planning to do the big reveal.

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    OMG. This is so adorable, you aren't going to be able to stand it. Now that the news is out that she's expecting baby number two with husband Tye Strickland, I guess there was really no need to keep the details of her pregnancy under wraps. Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft has revealed her baby's gender -- but just wait until you hear how she broke the news to her family.

    Instead of showing them the ultrasound photo or simply flat out telling them whether she's expecting a boy or a girl -- Melissa decided to get a bit more creative and spill the beans in a very sweet way.

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    5 of My Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Sex Dreams

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 8, 2013 at 11:42 AM in Pregnancy
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    Being pregnant is the closest you'll ever get to understanding what it must be like to be a teenage boy. No, I'm not referring to acne or the primordial desire to sink your teeth into a steak followed by a burrito followed by chocolate peanut butter cake. I'm talking about sex dreams, also known as wet dreams, also known as the types of dreams I never had until I became pregnant. I didn't experience quite the onslaught of bizarre sexual dreaming with my firstborn girl, but in this pregnancy -- I'm having a boy, if that means anything -- look out. Every time I close my eyes, it's a freak fest.

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    Kristin Cavallari is expecting her second child with her dreamy hubby Jay Cutler! The former Laguna Beach and Hills star and the Chicago Bears quarterback are already parents to uber cute 1-year-old son Camden Jack Cutler.

    Just last month, the 26-year-old told E! News, “We want to have a second sooner rather than later ... we know we want another one close in age to Camden and we’re at the point where we’re both ready. Before Camden was born, I thought I’d be pregnant again by the time he was six months, but I definitely wasn’t ready. Now, I’m finally ready.”

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    Baby boys are adorable. They're full of life. I once overheard a toddler boy call his mommy a "queen" and have witnessed several others happily give moms hugs and kisses -- no prodding necessary. But I'm the mom of a 2-year-old girl and, for as much drama and tears and whining we endure on a daily basis, she makes perfect sense to me. She stomps her feet when I won't let her wear her sparkly sneakers in the rain and I think, Yeah, I get it. Rain boots aren't as much fun as sparkles. She can be out of control at dance class and have an insane fit because I won't let her take a pumpkin to sleep with her, but at the end of it all she says "talk to me," and stops speaking just long enough to fool me into thinking she's listening to my logical explanations.

    I just found out I'm having a boy. One of each -- a dream come true! But, at the same time, I'm utterly terrified. Here's why. 

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    In addition to her regular job as the Executive Vice President of the Trump empire and designer of her own fashion line, Ivanka Trump has been busy recently baking baby number two and looking gorgeous on the cover of Fit Pregnancy.

    In an interview with the magazine, she admitted that even though she knows the baby’s gender, it’s a secret she’s not going to share.

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    Despite months and months of dancing around the topic, Kailyn Lowry has finally confirmed she is pregnant! While this isn't exactly a huge shock due to her ever-growing baby bump, it's still exciting that the Teen Mom has officially come clean about the wonderful news.

    Her biggest reason for keeping the pregnancy a secret for so long? Privacy. She tweeted:

    No matter what people will always say we don't deserve privacy or assume we just don't want it. Definitely unfair.

    Amen, sister. You're totally entitled to your privacy ... but since the cat's out of the bag now, how about letting us all in on the baby's gender?

    Tell us, Kailyn! Boy or girl? BOY OR GIRL???

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