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    When I was pregnant with my first baby, I went through a period where I felt lonely and slightly depressed. My husband, who is usually wonderful and beyond supportive, became so obsessed with providing for us financially that he slacked for a while in the emotions department. I was frightened to death about becoming a mom and beyond terrified that something bad was going to happen to my baby -- that she wouldn't be healthy. Many of my friends still hadn't become moms yet, so my emotions were lost on them. 

    But one person totally "got me." He was always there for me and would listen to every one of my mom concerns AND have an answer -- an actual answer that wasn't "stop worrying." Yep, I kind of, sort of developed a crush on my gynecologist.

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    I am currently 7 months pregnant and am having a difficult enough time walking three blocks without wanting to take a nap. So the fact that one pregnant woman from Detroit had it in her to steal a pick-up truck, crash it, and then have energy left over to give birth -- more or less while strapped in handcuffs -- is too much for my fatigued mind to even process. But, yep folks, it actually happened. 

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    I've admitted it before: I didn't even want my husband around when I gave birth to our first child. I wanted him to wait, like a 1950s dad, in an adjacent room while I suffered and delivered surrounded by some of the strong and experienced women in my world whom I felt could provide a great deal of insight and support. Looking back now, I'm really happy I ultimately opted to throw that plan out the window in favor of something more traditional (or should I say something more "modern?" Maybe I'll call it the "new traditional") that included having my husband right by my side. 

    Still, there were things that freaked me out about giving birth. My husband, who told me beforehand that he was scared of feeling powerless during birth, was not at all shocked or insulted when I presented to him a list of rules -- we had a discussion about this, I didn't actually give him a handwritten list -- for what he could and could not do during labor and delivery.  

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    Imagine discovering that your child is not your own -- and in fact is the child of a criminal. That's what happened to a family in Utah who took DNA tests to trace their geneaology for fun. They were shocked to discover that their 21-year-old daughter wasn't the biological offspring of the husband. Reportedly, she was fathered by a man named Thomas Lippert, who had once been arrested for kidnapping. The parents had used artificial insemination to conceive and had always assumed the sperm was provided by the husband. But not so. Now the family is speaking out.

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    Don't get me started on the annoying things people say to moms of multiples. Too many assumptions when we should just be overjoyed a family gets not one, but two, or three, or more surprises when they find out they are pregnant. It doesn't really matter if a woman got pregnant because the wind blew in her direction or if she had to undergo some procedure. Pregnant! Rejoice! Be happy! But there are times we need to point out miracles. Because miracles are, well, miraculous and incredible and are like bright little fireflies on the darkest night of the year. Ready for some light? Let me tell you about Chad Doss and his wife Amanda.

    Chad, 31, had a vasectomy. He has two kids 12-year-old Caleb and 9-year-old Kaitlyn from a previous marriage and he thought he was done. Then he met Amanda, 27, in 2011. She adores his children and loves being a stepmother. But they wanted to add to the family, so a reversal it was.

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    You know those stories of women that didn’t even know they were pregnant until they got a really bad stomachache one day and out popped a baby? This one is kind of like that in that Cheyenne Le Melle didn’t know she was in labor until the baby came -- after not knowing she was expecting for the first seven months of her pregnancy!

    Cheyenne said that she didn’t even know she was pregnant with her third child until she was well into her third trimester. “All of a sudden, I felt a kick in my stomach, so I found out I was pregnant,” she said.

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    When it comes to live-tweeting, Facebooking, or Instagramming birth, typically, I'm against it. After having had a child of my own and realizing what a deeply intimate and raw experience it is, I couldn't, for the life of me, understand why someone would want to let friends, followers, and virtual strangers in on that experience with them. But then I read Ruth Iorio's live account of her home birth on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (hash tag: #ruthshomebirth), and I had a change of heart.

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    A new study has linked postpartum depression to a fear of childbirth. The study concluded that a fear of childbirth was a major factor that could predispose a woman to suffering PPD. Fear of childbirth reportedly increased the chances of PPD three-fold in women without a history of depression and five-fold in women with a history. With that in mind, it seems like one way to help yourself avoid PPD is to overcome your fear of childbirth. Here are 6 common fears -- and how you can overcome them.

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    Are there some baby delivery procedures that should be banned? A couple claims a forceps delivery crushed their baby's skull and caused brain death. Rachel Melancon and her fiancée Allen Coats just buried their baby daughter this weekend, five days after the infant's delivery. (Baby Olivia had been on life support.) Now Melancon and Coats are suing their obstetrician, Dr. George T. Backardjiev, for using forceps to deliver their daughter instead of doing a C-section, as Melancon claims she requested. And they're doing more -- they've posted a petition proposing the Olivia Law, which would ban the use of forceps in delivery.

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    10 Wildest Birth Stories of 2013

    posted by Adriana Velez December 19, 2013 at 8:00 PM in Pregnancy
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    Today in Amazing Birth Stories, a woman gave birth in her sweatpants on the highway. Not just while she was wearing sweatpants. The baby literally came out of the birth canal and slid down one of Mama's sweatpant legs. Seriously, dear readers, we come across a story about women giving birth in strange places and/or under outrageous circumstances practically every day. You'd almost think no one is giving birth in a dang hospital anymore. So just for fun we thought we'd present to you our top 10 favorite birth stories of 2013. Do you remember these?

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