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    When most couples dream of having a baby, they imagine raising the child together. But imagine carrying a baby you know you may never raise yourself. One pregnant woman faced an unthinkable dilemma: Abort her unborn baby to save her life, or carry on with a pregnancy and face certain death. Elizabeth Joice chose to sacrifice her life to give her baby daughter a chance at life. She considered it a miracle at all that she'd gotten pregnant, and she was going to give this new life a fighting chance.

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    A terrible accident happened when a 40-year-old woman in labor was on her way to the hospital with her husband when the motorbike they were driving was struck by a truck. The couple drove because the mother-to-be realized she couldn't wait for an ambulance, and because they live in Xiamen, China, motorbikes are a common way for people to travel.

    There are two reports of what happened. One is that the mother delivered the baby right after the accident. But the more likely report is that the baby was ejected from the mother's womb as the crash happened. The newborn baby was found 10 feet from the crash site and has a forehead bruise.

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    The video this dad made of his wife's baby bump as it grew throughout her pregnancy blows all others like it out of the water. Not that it's a competition or anything. That said, if it were, this guy wins big. Tom Fletcher is the lead singer of the British band, McFly, and he put all those musical chops to good use in this video he made of his wife and then son titled 'From Bump to Buzz'. 

    Tom took photographs of his wife Giovanna every single day of the nine months that preceded the birth of their son, Buzz. Then, those photos ran as a time lapse opposite Tom serenading her with a new song entitled, 'Something New'. It is basically the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my adult life. And I have watched a lot of cat videos, you guys. 

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    All kinds of things can happen when you're delivering a baby. We know that women hear crazy things when they're in labor. But what about the hospital staff? We got a couple of labor nurses to tell their wildest delivery stories. You may be shocked by what they shared, but you'll definitely gain some appreciation for what L&D nurses go through to help us bring our children into the world.

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    One of the biggest things that holds us back from so many things in life is fear. And fear during pregnancy, specifically during labor, can create a whole host of issues. But for pregnant moms, fear is a huge part of birth -- it's an unknown and experiencing something for the first time often comes with fear. Even if it's a second or third birth -- each time it's new. To ease that fear we educate ourselves, talk to other mothers, try to figure out ways not to be scared of childbirth. Another thing we should all do is read stories of mothers having accidental home births.

    Moms are able to turn off fear in these scenarios because birth becomes what has to be done without any doctors and nurses swarming around checking vitals every few minutes. This mom's accidental home birth should serve as inspiration to us all. 

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    Kudos to new dad and Florida native Zaheer Ali. He and his wife Indira just welcomed a beautiful baby girl -- their first -- into the family. But Ali isn't just to be applauded for the new addition, he has definitely earned a whole other set of props. Why? Because he's the one who delivered his daughter in the absence of a doctor or nurse.

    Sure, we have all heard those stories about folks who didn't make it to the hospital in time. But Ali and his wife's story is a little different -- they were in the hospital, ready and waiting. In fact, more than ready. They'd already met with a doctor who administered a drug to induce labor ... and then left them to see to another mom-to-be.

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    Heather Richardson and Sarah Fidler have been close ever since they shared a womb. The 35-year-old identical twins went to the same university, share the same profession as science technicians, and now they even have children that share a birthday.

    The sisters both gave birth on February 13, overcoming an incredible 400,000-1 chance that the babies would arrive on the same day. Heather had a caesarian section and welcomed 8lb daughter Emelie Frances at 1:20 A.M. Meanwhile, Sarah says she went into labor when Emelie was born, and 7lb Austin Gibbs was born hours later.

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    Is it me, or are newborn babies getting bigger? We were just wincing at the woman who gave birth to a 14-pound baby this summer. Then, just last month California got it's biggest baby ever born when a 5-foot-1 woman gave birth to a baby weighing 15-pounds, 2-ounces. Well guess what. You know what. You know it's coming, you just don't know the exact number, yet. Ladies, you'll want to cross your legs for this one. It's gonna hurt. A 16-pound baby was born in California in August.

    Congratulations, Sosefina Tagalu! She came forward when news of the mere 15-pounder tried to claim the title of OMG biggest baby born in the Golden State. Oh no, honey. That honor belongs to Sammisano.

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    When I was pregnant with my first baby, I went through a period where I felt lonely and slightly depressed. My husband, who is usually wonderful and beyond supportive, became so obsessed with providing for us financially that he slacked for a while in the emotions department. I was frightened to death about becoming a mom and beyond terrified that something bad was going to happen to my baby -- that she wouldn't be healthy. Many of my friends still hadn't become moms yet, so my emotions were lost on them. 

    But one person totally "got me." He was always there for me and would listen to every one of my mom concerns AND have an answer -- an actual answer that wasn't "stop worrying." Yep, I kind of, sort of developed a crush on my gynecologist.

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    I am currently 7 months pregnant and am having a difficult enough time walking three blocks without wanting to take a nap. So the fact that one pregnant woman from Detroit had it in her to steal a pick-up truck, crash it, and then have energy left over to give birth -- more or less while strapped in handcuffs -- is too much for my fatigued mind to even process. But, yep folks, it actually happened. 

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