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    You've been charged with throwing a baby shower, and you want it to be ah-mazing for your expectant friend. Yet the image that baby showers first conjure up in your mind -- of well-dressed ladies primly sipping lemonade on a Sunday afternoon, husbands nowhere to be seen -- just doesn't fit your pal's style. Well, to heck with all that then! Baby showers are steeped in antiquated traditions, many of which should have been jettisoned along with girdles back in the 1950s. Here are 7 baby shower rules worth breaking, plus some fun, more modern ideas to celebrate a baby's arrival in style. 

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    For expectant moms, figuring out how to reveal your pregnancy to your loved ones has become something of a DIY project unto itself. Of course, you want the way you deliver the news to be both creative and memorable. But sometimes -- especially when you're making the big reveal to your children -- things don't play out quite as you expected!

    Here, 8 moms share how it all went down when they spilled to their older kids that a little baby brother or sister was on the way.

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    So you want to throw a baby shower, huh? And you've got so many ideas in your head that just sound so exciting, you can't wait to put them into action -- especially all these fun baby shower games. Stop! Hold that thought!

    Baby showers can be fun, but too many planners lose control when they start filling the day with games that ... it turns out ... just turn people off! If you want to throw the shower of the year, you need to know what not to do!

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    Well in case you haven't heard, this mom is excited to be a grandma.

    Judy Minunni received a casual Valentine's Day card from her daughter. Except this year, it said, "Happy Valentine's, Grandma." After initially thinking it was one big fat joke, the grandma-to-be got the hint, and she celebrated. Loudly.

    But her reaction is absolutely perfect. It's always exciting to see future grandparents get so pumped to hear about their arriving grandchild. And you can already tell this grandma is so excited to welcome the new addition.

    Check out her amazing, and eardrum-piercing, reaction. And just a warning: you might want to turn your volume down.

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    Baby showers are one of those things that can spend even the craftiest person into a tailspin. Is it better to go gender-neutral? Should you make a theme about mom? About the baby-to-be?

    Should there be games? What about favors? And what the heck is a sprinkle? How about we just dial back the anxiety for a moment? Before you get yourself in a tizzy, let's start with the basics: picking an epic baby shower theme!

    From Star Wars for the geeky mama to a vintage tea party for a classy afternoon, here's a list of shower ideas that's sure to spark something for every mom!

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    One of the trickiest things about planning a baby shower is coming up with things do in between the eating and gift opening. The best time-fillers? Games! Baby-themed games, more specifically.

    If you're planning a baby shower and are looking for fun things to do with guests, we've got you covered. Here are 16 baby shower games everyone is sure to love. 

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    While throwing fathers-to-be their own "man showers" is a growing trend, so are showers that honor an expectant couple together by inviting their closest female and male friends. "To throw a great co-ed baby showers, you have to get rid of the kitsch," Lauren Haselberger, food and beverage manager at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, Illinois says. "The silly, frou-frou, run-of-the-mill games, like 'guess the number of pacifiers in the jar' or baby gift bingo aren't gonna fly as well in a mixed crowd. Whatever you would do for a regular social gathering with friends is what you'll want to do at a co-ed baby shower."

    Here, your guide to throwing the ultimate shower both sexes will enjoy.

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    Baby showers are fun, but let's be honest: They're by far most exciting for the mama-to-be. Your friends and family love you, but they are sitting there, watching you open gifts for an hour. You should send them home with something really, really great!

    Here are 15 creative and fun baby shower favors that will have your guests talking for days!


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    Finding out you're pregnant is one thing, but getting to finally shout it from the rooftops? Even MORE fun, some might say! Especially if you tell friends and family by employing a creative photo op. 

    Here, 15 mamas' adorable, super-silly, hilarious, and oh-so-sweet pregnancy announcement ideas that may inspire your own!

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    The term "man shower" probably brings to mind ... well, anything but a bunch of guys sitting around toasting one dad-to-be with beer-diaper cakes and Stroller Olympics. But that's exactly the trend growing on Pinterest! Yep, future dads are being thrown their very own baby showers or "dadchelor" parties.

    Of course the get-togethers -- during which dudes may be encouraged to perhaps eat BBQ and drink beer out of baby bottles while the guest of honor is referred to as "the man behind the bump" -- are typically planned by the mamas-to-be. But apparently guys themselves are coming around to the tradition, enjoying being feted by their friends before becoming fathers. Hey, who's to say this isn't something that we shouldn't have been doing all along?!

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