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    Did you hear about this baby shower note that's gone viral? Apparently an expecting mom sent her friend a rude but rhyming note after she failed to show up for her shower, or even send a gift. You have to hear it to believe it -- and maybe then you still won't believe it, because it's so outrageously impertinent it has to be a hoax, right? Or ... maybe it's the real deal.

    At any rate, Bridezillas aren't the only ones to turn a party into a nightmare. Introducing the Baby Showerzilla -- the woman who terrorizes her baby shower guests with her outrageous demands and behavior. Here's some of the worst real-life examples women have ever seen.

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    I held out as long as I could, but this week I had to do it. I had to buy what I dread spending money on -- awful, terrible maternity clothing.

    This is my second pregnancy. In my experience, morning sickness fades after the 12th week and, though annoying and painful, at the very least, the Breast Gods have the decency to give you nice boobs to compensate for the constant tenderness you experience above the waist. But there are few good things to be said about maternity clothing.

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    Kate Middleton's due date has come and gone, and still, nothing. The Duchess of Cambridge was, on paper at least, supposed to give birth to the royal bundle on July 13, but now here we are two days later, still waiting with bated breath. Where is this baby?! We're dying -- no, dying -- to know the sex, find out the name, and of course, we can't wait to see the gorgeous little doll! It has to be any day now. Right?

    Since we're probably going to have to wait at least another day or so before Kate goes into labor, here's a little something to tide us all over and quell some of our royal baby fever pangs: A handy-dandy list of a few things Kate has reportedly purchased (or been gifted) for baby so far.

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    Alec Baldwin's very pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas, was spotted at a baby shower this weekend. But it wasn't for her! Thomas hosted a baby shower for military moms-to-be with Operation Shower and Birdies for the Brave. Forty women whose spouses are deployed members of the U.S. Navy, Navy Submarine School, and Connecticut Army National Guard were treated to the event sponsored by Extra. And it was all just a way to say "thank you."

    Hilaria said she was thrilled to host the event. “Preparing for a baby is incredibly exciting, but can also be very expensive. I’m so proud to be able to support and spend time with these military moms-to-be while providing them with the necessities for welcoming their new bundles of joy into the world.” And those expecting moms sure got some swell swag.

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    As you're probably (more than) aware, Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her first baby and making all the preparations to bring the little pop culture prince or princess into the world. Most recently, she and baby daddy, Kanye West, did what most pregnant couples do at some point -- tackled their baby gift registry.

    While it can be fun to imagine all the adorable little gifts and gadgets people will be gifting you, it also is usually a struggle to decide what to ask for. What do you really need? Are the items you want too expensive? Is there enough variety? Kim and Kanye, however, seemed to know exactly what they want for their little one, and their registry is flat-out unbelievable. 

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    Happy Earth Day! What better way to celebrate than by buying stuff? Just kidding. Kind of. No, really, I've scoured the web and have found some incredibly sweet onesies that are perfect for your mini green crusader. It may be too late to have them in time for this Earth Day, but hey, who needs a day to celebrate our planet? Not your baby.

    Here are 10 absolutely adorable Earth Day onesies -- and remember, please pass them along to another baby once yours outgrows it. Yay, world! Boo, garbage!


    Image via Inktastic

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    You're expecting a baby -- and there's so much to do! What exactly do you need? Well, it's a pretty long list, but here's a few essentials to get started. This doesn't include clothes, which is a whole 'nother shopping trip. But if you're working on your baby registry, start with these nine items.


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    All right pregnant mama, you've got your baby registry ready, and your nursery is just about perfect. But where's your baby going to sit when she eats? Once babies get old enough to sit unsupported and start eating solid foods (around 6 months), you may want to get a high chair. The best kind of high chair is the high-quality chair you inherit for free from a friend. But if that freebie never materializes, the next best thing is a convertible high chair.

    Convertible high chairs adjust as your child grows, so you don't have to buy a second chair or booster seat later on. Here are our top picks for some of the best convertible high chairs on the market.

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    Admit it -- one of the funnest parts of being pregnant is looking at all the adorable baby gear: The booties, the onesies, the blankets and toys. But as you scroll through the big box store baby shower registries you may start getting a little frustrated. If it's non-toxic, eco-friendly gear you want, you have to do a lot of sorting!

    Wouldn't it be great if there were already some wonderful eco baby registries out there? Well... here you go. We've found five baby registries for crunchy moms.

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    Kate Middleton has proven time and again that she can make pretty much anything look good. Today, she even managed to make a "Baby on Board" badge, which was gifted to her by London subway workers, look great.

    It was a sweet gesture really, which they made during her visit to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Tube. According to the Associated Press, they gave it to her in case she ever has trouble finding a seat on the subway. Which is hilarious, because a) Can you imagine The Duchess just hopping on the subway these days; and b) If she did, I'm guessing she'd have no problem finding a seat because everyone would be passed out cold around her.

    At any rate, I think the fact that they have these buttons is ... interesting.

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