Apparently NY Hates Pregnant Women, Too

barOkay, I thought there were laws against pregnancy discrimination, but apparently there are loopholes if a woman has to be "sexy" for her job in question. 


Now granted, as sexy as pregnancy is, women who have been through it know they don't always feel like Victoria's Secret models, but that shouldn't make a difference in their workplace.

Jennifer Paviglianiti, a former bartender in a New York gentleman's club, says she was demoted when her boss found out she was pregnant, and it hurt her financially. To protect herself, she secretly recorded her boss saying, "Customers don't wanna come in and see a pregnant woman behind the bar!"


Now there's some legal fine lines that could make a difference...if she was hired as a "model and bartender" then she has no case. In that instance, it's apparently the employer's right to have the staff maintain a specific "look," which I still think is b.s. But she has to have signed paperwork stating she made that agreement, which she has no recollection of doing.

Poor girl, as if she didn't already have enough on her plate.

And she's not the only one who's been discriminated against lately...last week we wrote about a Las Vegas club banning pregnant models.

I'm getting agitated just reading about this...calming down...okay. But seriously?! What is wrong with these people? I'll tell ya what's wrong...they're a bunch of #@!!% macho, #@!!% chauvinistic, #@!!%!!!! male pigs who are oblivious to anything beyond their world of money.

As a woman, am I taking this too personally, thinking it's pregnancy discrimination when it's "just business," or do I have a point? What do you think? Do you think the employer had a right to demote her while she finished out her pregnancy?

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