Buy Baby a New Car?

2010 Subaru Outback
Pam and Jim Halpert's new baby car.
I keep going on about the episode of The Office from a month ago when the Pam character has her baby because that was the last time I've been able to actually sit down and watch a television program, and because it was so darn funny.

One thing really stuck out: New parents Jim and Pam Halpert had a brand new 2010 Subaru Outback. They'd obviously traded in their old Corolla in anticipation of the new arrival.

Perhaps I noticed this because I'm now a Subaru owner myself. And for once, it wasn't a minivan, the cliche kid car. My husband and I managed to resist the minivan urge for various personal reasons not the least of which was we couldn't afford another car, new, used or otherwise.


So there I was, nine months pregnant, squeezing behind the wheel of my tiny Honda Civic, wondering how much further I'd be able to push the seat back before my feet could no longer reach the pedals.

Plenty of couples I know had the financial means to trade in their impractical wheels (yeah, I'm jealous) for more family friendly transportation when they got pregnant. Luckily, my economy car was a 4-door. I remember a girlfriend, years before, refusing to trade in her sporty 2-door Acura coupe during her pregnancy. After the first few months of wrangling that cement block of an infant seat into the back from the driver's door and nearly herniating a disc, she became the proud new owner of a roomy American-made sedan with a high safety rating.

My Civic treated me and my new baby well, except it was a 2000 model and just missed out on the new LATCH technology that makes for easier car seat installs. So every time we upgraded the seat or changed its position, we had to visit the car seat clinic to make sure the seat belts were tight enough -- a good idea, anyway.

In case you are considering upgrading in size, I will tell you that there is at least one really good benefit to having babies in smaller cars, and this is a benefit that will extend well into the toddler and school age years. It's the ability reach back with your arm to fetch bottles, stuck binkies, or make wildly threatening hand gestures so they will PLEASE STOP WHACKING YOUR SISTER WITH YOUR SPY GOGGLES THIS VERY INSTANT OR ELSE!!

Are you planning to buy a new car for your coming baby?

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