Having a C-Section? Wear Boots!

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I just watched a disturbing report from Diane Sawyer on ABC that said maternal death is on the rise nationwide.

A little perspective: In California, 95 women in half a million births died, according to a recent study. So statistically that's not a lot and it's still quite rare, but in the human world even one mom dying is too much.

This is not news you want to hear when you're expecting. But it's news you need to hear because there are things you can do to cut your risk.

The big one: Ask to wear compression boots before and after your C-section!

They might have saved the life of one mom featured in the segment, who died after a blood clot in her leg traveled to her brain and hemorrhaged shortly after delivering her daughter, Isabella.


Many hospitals routinely fit pregnant moms preparing for surgery with the boots, which when filled with air compress blood vessels to prevent clots and keep the blood flowing, but some do not. So you need to ask; demand them if necessary.

Rising maternal deaths may be due partly to obesity. One in 5 women are obese during pregnancy, and these women tend to have cardiovascular and circulatory problems. More women are also having C-sections, which boosts the risk of infection, another cause of death after delivery. Multiple C-sections increase the risk even more.

Besides avoiding C-sections when possible, experts also say to avoid induction because it often leads to the procedure.

Are you delivering by C-section by choice? Has your doctor shared the risks with you yet?


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