A Conceptionmoon: Are You Going?

do not disturb sign hanging on doorYou've heard of babymoons -- couple getaways before baby comes -- but would you go on a conceptionmoon?

A number of elite inns and resorts now offer special packages with names like "In the Mood for Baby" and "The Fertile Turtle" with all the get-it-on ingredients for baby-making.

You can find the list of conceptionmoon packages at Conceive.com. In addition to the romantic standards like whirlpools, gas fireplaces, mood music, and aromatherapy baths by candlelight, some of the features include:

  • An oysters-and-wine dinner at a nearby pub;
  • Boxer shorts for men;
  • Xtabentum, a honey- and anise-flavored liqueur that the Mayans used to induce a deeper connection to the divine as part of an ancient fertility ritual;
  • A couple’s massage with chaste berry—an herb thought to increase fertility by balancing the sex hormones;
  • An oceanfront room bedecked with orchids (an ancient fertility symbol).

I'm not trying to have a baby, but sign me up. Heck, I'll even go alone.

Did you and your other half go on a conception moon or are you planning to?

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