Las Vegas Hates Pregnant Women

disco ball at night clubThat's clearly what the Wynn Casino, in Las Vegas, the City of Sin, where "what happens here, stays here," thinks in banning pregnant models from appearing in lingerie in a fashion show at the night club, according to Gawker.

The club recently prohibited pregnant models wearing Bravado nursing bras from the catwalk in a late-night fashion show. Jennifer Dunne, a casino spokesman, said that it's all for their own good and issued a statement:

"We did not feel it appropriate to feature a very pregnant model in a nightclub, at midnight, where alcohol was being served."

By "very pregnant" I'm assuming she means "pregnant and showing." So as long as they don't look like they are pregnant, they're okay. Nevermind that most damage to the developing baby from alcohol happens in the first and second trimesters, before many women look "very" pregnant at all.

Few would disagree all this is ludicrous, or fail to devise the subtext of this carefully worded PR-spun statement:


-- Vegas is a place for single (or single-minded), irresponsible men to look at sexy, hot women.

-- Pregnant bellies mean "responsibility." That is "not sexy."

-- "Not sexy" does not sell alcohol, because drinking leads to acts that result in ladies with pregnant bellies, or, in other words, responsibility.

-- Responsibility does not sell drinks to singled-minded, single men acting irresponsibly.

I'm disappointed that these women weren't hanging out at the bar as regular customers. Then the ACLU could have gotten involved. That would have made a much better story.

Lots of pregnant women love to get their wild on and go dancing at clubs and other places that serve alcohol. Doesn't mean they are actually drinking the alcohol, now does it?

As long as it's a non-smoking club and you are not attempting cartwheels on the dance floor, I say go for it, live it up -- you hot, pregnant, sexy, breastfeeding-bra wearing woman, you. Not because you give two s***s about Steve Wynn or what some stupid men think, but because, I'm sorry to say, the party is very quickly coming to an end (unless you are Octomom, that is).

Do pregnant women belong in nightclubs or should they try to "act" more like a mother?


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