Pregnancy Fear: Water Breaking in Public

water balloon poppingA CafeMom user is 38 weeks pregnant, and all she can think about is where her water might break.

She feels like she needs to walk around with a towel and trash bags just in case.

She's heard that amniotic fluid smells really bad and she's scared it's going to gush all over her car, bed or couch ... or worse! ... someone else's car or couch! (The foul smell is actually a myth; it smells sweet if anything at all.)


I thought about this, too. My friends told me horror stories about the mall, the public library, the grocery store. (Some friends.) I wondered if I squeezed my thighs together really hard if I'd be able to stanch the flow, silly me.

When my doctor finally broke my water in the hospital, I thanked GOODNESS it never happened in public. I couldn't believe the fire hose squirting out of me.

But it totally depends. A lot of moms report leaking before the dam breaks, giving you some time to make it to the bathroom. Some say their water breaking was no big deal at all.

One mom's story gave me a good chuckle:

"Mine leaded a little bit at first but then it GUSHED in the van all of the way to the hospital. No foul smell or anything but they did have to put out the "wet floor" signs all through the ER (where I had to register) and up to the maternity ward!"

Are you worried about your water breaking in public? Anyone's water break in a really strange place?


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