Best Day of the Week to Give Birth

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You'll be happy with a complication free delivery and a healthy baby. You could care less about the day you go into labor or delivery, I know that.

But it's always nice when the day of the week you give birth happens to be convenient as well. A little bonus, if you will, to make life easier.

Moms who schedule Cesareans know what I'm talking about. Second time moms like to have their surgeries on a Monday or Tuesday so they can ride out the five days without worrying about who will take care of their older child. First-time moms may pick a Friday so their working husbands only need take one day off from work instead of several.

I lucked out and had both my kids on a weekend. That worked out great for my husband, a teacher, who didn't have a lot of time off coming.

Some moms from the community would prefer a Monday so their hubby will take the entire week, plus have the weekends. One mom said she prefers a weekday because it will deter too many visitors coming. Another wishes for a Friday so her friends and family can stop by right after the baby is born.

So many considerations it's enough to blow your mind ... welcome to motherhood.

What day of the week do you hope to deliver your baby?


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Capta... CaptainMcMommy

I delivered very eary on a Tuesday morning. I LOVED having DD so early because no one came to visit until later that afternoon/evening. The only bad part was that it was summer so everyone's kids came with and my SIL too (she works in a school). Hopefully then next one will be born during the school year :-)

Lorel... LorelNicolette

We had our son on a Saturday and daughter on a Sunday.  I think both were good days to have a baby ;-)

poshkat poshkat

my son was born on a tuesday afternoon. it was nice to have a few hours to settle in and get to see him for a few hours in the NICU before people started coming in.

ajtherad ajtherad

My Son was born on a Thursday, five days before my 21st birthday. It was a perfect labor and delivery, no complications, and my Son is absolutely perfect, too. =]

The funny thing? I was born on a Thursday, as well.

Love it!

rwklk rwklk

both of my kids were born on a monday, both came early on their own,

hubby & I were also married on a monday so needless to say I don't hate mondays as much as some people do

Pollymom Pollymom

Both my babies were born on Saturdays....and funny enough, I had the same room with both of them.

Minni... MinnickBabyMama

With my son I delivered on a Thursday went home on Saturday and my daughter i Delivered on a Saturday and went home on a monday because she was born really late at night , though both were night babies. Honestly i really don't think anytime is bad to have a baby but guess we will see if i ever have another but i wont really care about that i just want to try to have a baby during the day/work hours because when i gave birth at night with both i barely got sleep cause i wanted to bond with the baby plus the baby was awake

Journ... Journey311

My first child, my son, was born on a Monday night.  I had a c-section after 19 hours of induced labor.  That one kind of sucked because it felt like I was in the hospital all week; we didn't go home until Friday.  DH used most of his PTO while I was in the hospital so he had to go back to work the following Monday.  With my 2nd, we had a planned c-section.  I didn't pick a day that was convenient, but I picked the doctor I wanted to do the surgery, the same one who delivered my son.  So we were scheduled for a Tuesday morning.  It was perfect because we didn't have a lot of visitors until later; DS was at MIL's the entire time; and we were able to come home a day early (Friday again).  I told DH that I would prefer either Tuesday or Wednesday so it didn't feel like we were in the hospital all week.

xavie... xavierlogan09

i went to the hospital on a saturday for chest pains and aniexty attacks. they admitted me and i had to do an emergency c section. i was hoping to have my son on the weekend because my so works monday through friday. his work said he wouldn't be able to leave if i went into labor. which is against the law but they said it anyway. so we got lucky and he got to be there with us for two days out of the four i was in the hospital.

nily nily

Saturday morning because on the evening everyone like to go out and they visit you. THe next day is Sunday and is free so more visits and Monday your at home with your new baby a good way to start the week.

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