Best Day of the Week to Give Birth

new mom holding baby for first time

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You'll be happy with a complication free delivery and a healthy baby. You could care less about the day you go into labor or delivery, I know that.

But it's always nice when the day of the week you give birth happens to be convenient as well. A little bonus, if you will, to make life easier.

Moms who schedule Cesareans know what I'm talking about. Second time moms like to have their surgeries on a Monday or Tuesday so they can ride out the five days without worrying about who will take care of their older child. First-time moms may pick a Friday so their working husbands only need take one day off from work instead of several.


I lucked out and had both my kids on a weekend. That worked out great for my husband, a teacher, who didn't have a lot of time off coming.

Some moms from the community would prefer a Monday so their hubby will take the entire week, plus have the weekends. One mom said she prefers a weekday because it will deter too many visitors coming. Another wishes for a Friday so her friends and family can stop by right after the baby is born.

So many considerations it's enough to blow your mind ... welcome to motherhood.

What day of the week do you hope to deliver your baby?


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