Katie Holmes Gearing Up for Pregnancy?

illuminated scientology crossRumors are that Katie Holmes is spending a lot of time at Scientology Headquarters to prepare herself for child No. 2, according to Technorati.

According to the blog, before Holmes got pregnant with Suri, she spent "hours hooked up to an e-meter (Scientology's version of a lie-detector test) while an "auditor" asked extremely personal questions with responses being recorded.


Technorati says that Scientologists believe in a "silent birth," which means "any words spoken are recorded in the reactive mind and can have an aberrative effect on the mother and the child."

Most moms, me included, only prepare for pregnancy by eating healthy, taking vitamins, monitoring my fertility cycle, and saying lots of prayers, but hey, what do the 6.4 million women a year who get pregnant mostly by natural means know?

Are you turning to any unorthodox methods to prepare for pregnancy?


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