Pregnant Claudia Schiffer Doesn't Wear Maternity Clothes

maternity jeans conversion

J.Crew Maternity Jeans from Etsy; $40

My children's births bookended the cooler weather, and fell on the heels of that silly trend of wearing things sizes too big for you. So I had lots of over-sized baggy sweaters and button down shirts to get me through both pregnancies. I thought I looked pretty sloppy. Turns out I was very stylish, because Claudia Schiffer does not wear maternity clothes either!

She tells Celebrity Baby Blog that she doesn't like maternity clothes, nor does she like those tight, show-off-the-bump items that are popular right now. Check our recent giveaway for an example.

"my advice would be to get things a few sizes bigger and have them tailored to fit,” the former supermodel tells CBB.


Seriously, though, a 6 foot tall pregnant supermodel could wear a tent and still look gorgeous. That's pretty much what I think of when I see Claudia in this elegant black knee-length dress. I would have been laughed out of my OB's office wearing that. Snugger fitting clothes, which mine were because I didn't alter them, tended to worked better for me.

Plus, who in real life could afford all those alterations? But I get what she's saying about maternity clothes. Most of them just weren't my style. Luckily, there are other options. A more practical approach may be to use a service like Denim Therapy, which for $60 will convert your favorite jeans to maternity pants and back again after the baby comes.

Or you can fish around at Etsy for finds like the pair of J.Crew jeans converted to maternity pants with a colorful belly band, shown above, for just $40. If J.Crew had made maternity clothes when I was pregnant, I might have felt differently about all my baggy clothes.

Are you able to pull off baggy, over-sized clothes when pregnant, or are snugger fitting outfits more flattering on your shape?

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