A Strange Thing Happened at the Doctor's Office

Photo by Shinde-Kudasai

Let me set the scene. I'm pregnant. I'm sitting on a very small table in a very small, windowless room. I'm naked—except for the slimy goop all over my belly that's dribbled all over lower half (and the  ill-fitting paper hospital gown I've been given that's now soaked with slimy goop). I'm having a sonogram. Things are going "great." Then, it happens.


the power goes out.

I get a little panicky as any New Yorker is apt to do post 9/11. The technician leaves me alone in the room to check on things. It's pitch black. I worry that the power surge hurt my baby. I wonder if she'll be born with super powers. I worry that there's a terrorist attack. I'm afraid everyone has left the building and I'm all alone there, naked in the dark.

I sit there waiting, uncomfortable. The doctor comes into the room and says that the whole area seems to have lost power, but he has no idea what's going on. He leads me back to the dressing room, says, "See ya," and takes off. It's so dark I can barely see. I have to keep the door of the dressing room open while I put my clothes on (not that it really matters since the entire office has made a run for it).

I walk out into the daylight. The sunlight makes me feel a little safer. Shop owners are closing up (a rare sight in the middle of the day in New York City) and that feels eerie.

I immediately call my mom and tell her the power went out in the middle of my sonogram. "That would only happen to you," she laughs, and laughs.

"It could have been worse," I say. "I could have been giving birth."

But that's another story ...

Have you had any funny, crazy, embarrassing experiences during your pregnancy?

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