Gross Things That Happen While You're Pregnant

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Pregnancy changes your body, that's for sure: Your boobs get bigger, your belly grows—and so does your behind. But there are also a lot of not-so-pleasant changes that take place during pregnancy that no one ever really talks about.


1. Sticky white or pale yellow discharge. This is caused by hormones and increased vaginal blood flow. Use a mini pad. If the discharge smells bad, itches or burns, or changes color, you might have an infection so talk to your doctor.

2. Loss of bladder control. You laugh, you leak. You cough, you leak. Why? You've got a baby sitting on your uterus. Deal with leakage by peeing frequently (don't try to hold it), wear a mini pad, and do Kegel exercises every day.

3. More frequent farting. Increased progesterone production makes the intestines sluggish during pregnancy which can lead to bloating and cramping—and the urge to break wind often. Cutting back on gassy foods—broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.—can help.

4. You snore. Increased blood production while pregnant causes the mucous membranes to swell and when you're nose is stuffy, you'll breathe through your mouth and snore. Some remedies: Use saline nose drops before bed; try sleeping on your side and prop yourself up on extra pillow; get a humidifier.

5. Weird skin growths. Extra melanin can cause dark patches on your face, a dark line on your belly, and hormones and friction can cause skin tags (bits of skin hanging from your breasts, armpits, or neck). Dark spots will usually fade after you've had the baby, and a dermatologist can take care of the skin tags for you.

6. Huge nipples. The aureole gets darker and bigger as a result of hyperpigmentation from hormones. Not to worry, they'll shrink in size once you've stopped nursing—though they may stay slightly darker than they were pre-pregnancy.

(This is general advice and experience, check with your own health professional with any questions while pregnant.)

Are you experiencing any of these or other weird body changes? How are you dealing?

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