5 Pregnancy Health Myths

There are some things you'll probably decide to give up or cut back on while pregnant, but you don't have to give up everything you love! The thought of going nine months without goat cheese was a major downer for me, so I talked to my OB about it and she set my mind at rest.

I saw an article in Pregnancy magazine about the soft cheese and other health myths recently -- here are 5 things you don't have to say bye-bye to.


5 Pregnancy Health Myths

Don't avoid the dentist -- The possibility of X-rays and anesthesia keeps some moms away from the dentist while expecting. But don't be a stranger to your teeth doc -- dental health is important, even in pregnancy.

Go for a jog -- Were you a runner as your pre-pregnant self? You stil can be, as long as you keep things basic and don't make improving distance or your speed a priority. Talk to your doctor first -- if you're having a pregnancy free of complications, you may totally be able to lace up your sneaks.

Go ahead and fly -- Plane travel is generally safe during pregnancy, though, again, you want to check with your doc about timing and if you're at risk for pre-term labor it might be a different story. Your body will adjust to the changes in air pressure just fine -- the bigger issue is the possibility of a blood clot with a long flight. Get up and walk around often.

Some soft cheese is OK -- Yay! But make sure it's pasteurized and tightly wrapped.

Have sex! -- It won't harm the baby. (If you're at risk for miscarriage, consult with your you-know-who first.)

One last time, ladies -- speak to your doctor about these and all pregnancy concerns. And chat with other mommies-to-be in Pregnancy Questions and Concerns... Get Answers! on what their health questions are.

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