Calabash Chalk for Morning Sickness: Is it Safe?

Ugh morning sickness—you'd do almost anything to make it go away. But some morning sickness remedies are safer than others. Let's talk about Calabash Chalk, a remedy that many women swear by, and that's been making headlines lately.


What is it? Calabash Chalk (also known as calabar stone and calabash clay ) is a kind of chalk that comes in various forms—powders, shapes, and blocks (it looks like clay or mud). Some pregnant women eat the chalk to alleviate their morning sickness.

Is it safe? No. The New York City health department has issued a warning that calabash chalk may contain lead and arsenic and is unsafe for pregnant women and their unborn children. Lead is a toxic metal that can cause learning and behavior problems in children. It can also have long-term effects like nerve disorders and brain damage. Arsenic may lead to increased risk of cancer, skin lesions, eye irritation and nervous-system disorders.

Have you ever tried calabash chalk? Are you taking any medicine to help alleviate morning sickness?

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