Pregnant Olympic Curler vs. Couch Potato: Who Gets the Gold?


Cameron Spencer/Getty

There's nothing like a pregnant Olympian to make you feel like a total slacker for feeling "too icky" to exercise. Did you see the pregnant curler last night?


Kristie Moore, 30 and 5 1/2 months pregnant, is a curler on Team Canada. She's the third athlete known to be pregnant during the Olympics. The first was Magda Julin, a Swedish figure skater who won a gold medal in 1920; the second was Diana Sartor from Germany, who competed in the skeleton in 2006 and came in fourth.

Moore's team was supportive of her pregnancy and of her staying on the team when they found out, but it's unlikely that she will see any action. She's an alternate who will be called on the ice only if another team member becomes injured or unable to compete.

Team Canada is the gold medal favorite for the curling event and even if Moore doesn't actually get to compete, she'll still receive any medal that her team wins. Nice keepsake for a new baby.

Good luck Kristie! I'll be watching you from the comfort of my couch as I scarf down a bag of potato chips and think of a million reasons why exercising is out of the question—and I'm not even pregnant!

Are you exercising while pregnant? Have you cut back at all on your normal routine?

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