Renee Zellweger Pregnant? You Tell Me

renee zellwegger

Sean Gallup/Getty

Ever been asked "when are you due" when you weren't even expecting? Many women have and it's not flattering to say the least. So you punch your inquisitor in the face chalk it up to the poofy shirt you're wearing, continue with your day—and weigh yourself the second you get home.


Imagine if you were a celebrity of childbearing age and your belly was under constant scrutiny.

A star shows a little pooch or a camera catches her from the wrong angle and all of a sudden, she's with child. Pregnancy rumors have been swirling about Katy Perry, Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, and Courtney Cox. Turns out they're all just "fat" and there's no baby on the way for any of them.

And now, according to the celebrity baby bump rumor mill, Renee Zellweger is pregnant. The evidence? Hello?! Just look at the picture of her at the Berlin Film Festival! See that "huge bulge" in her midsection?

What do you think? Tight dress, nice bod? Or is Renee pregnant? (We'll send her the results of the poll below and save her the costs of a pregnancy test.)

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