Birth Plans Can Go Awry: Ask Your Doctor This Question Now

needle and threadMost women don't want or anticipate ever having to undergo a C-section. But it's a good idea to ask your doctor this question just so there are no (additional) surprises in the event that emergency surgery is necessary (or even if it's not): If I do end up having a C-section, will you close my wound with stitches or staples?


New research shows that women are less likely to have complications if their wound is closed up with stitches rather than staples.

In the study of 400 women, C-section wounds opened in 16.8 percent of staple closures as compared with 4.6 percent for staples; 21.8 percent of women who received staples had wound complications (that figure was 9.1 percent for women with sutures); and 36 percent of women who received staples had to go to the doctor post-surgery while only 10.6 percent of women who received sutures did.

Researchers say their findings suggest that stitches may be the preferred method.

Do you know whether your doctor would use stitches or staples in the event of a C-section? Have you ever had a C-section? Where is your wound and what did your doctor use to close it up? Did you have any complications?

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