I'm Stupid, Pregnant ... Er, Wait ...

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This is my brain on pregnancy

Does being pregnant ever make you feel like your brain is made out of Swiss cheese? I left my coffee on the roof of my car, forgot my ATM password, misused words, and suffered from overall absentmindedness.


I wasn't too worried because I'd heard that "pregnancy brain" was common and that it was caused by hormones. But new research says that isn't so.

Australian researchers say that neither pregnancy nor motherhood addle a woman's brain. They studied more than 1,200 women over four year intervals using memory tests and found that pregnancy had no impact on memory.

"Pregnancy manuals tell women they are likely to experience memory and concentration problems, so women and their partners are primed to attribute any memory lapse to the 'hard to miss' physical sign of pregnancy," explained one of the researchers. "Placenta brain is not inevitable."

Cathy Warwick, a midwife, said: "It is about time that some research lays to rest this notion of pregnant women and the 'baby brain' myth."

I don't buy it. I don't think women suffer from pregnancy brain because they read about it somewhere in a pregnancy manual. While pregnancy itself may not make you stupid, the "side effects" of pregnancy do—the pure exhaustion for one. Who can function without sleep?

In fact, Warwick acknowledges that the physical and emotional stresses on a woman's body from pregnancy can make women feel more tired than usual. Being tired can affect your concentration and ability to function as effectively.

So, uh, doesn't that mean that in a way, pregnancy does make you "stupid"?

Don't ask me, I'm just dumb.

Do you feel like pregnancy is making you do dumb things?

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