Never Say This to a Pregnant Woman

Suzanne Murray | Feb 3, 2010 Pregnancy

  • Labor Drugs Will Screw Up Your Kid


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    The rude comment: "I hope you don't plan on using drugs during labor—you could really screw your kid up that way!"

    The reaction: "Maybe my tolerance for pain is different than yours or maybe you should try squeezing out a child while you have varicose veins in your vagina! If the epidural were really that life threatening, they wouldn't give you one during the birth of a child." — jLea929

  • You Shouldn't Be Doing That!


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    The rude comment: "You shouldn't be doing (fill in any activity here) in your condition."

    The reaction: "It's not a 'condition.' I'm pregnant." — RanaAurora

  • You're Huge!


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    The rude comment: "You look like you're going to pop!"

    The reaction: "I still have a month to go, and I don't really need you to remind me that I'm huge!" — GillyMarie

  • How Did You Get Pregnant?


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    The rude comment: "Did you conceive naturally?"

    The reaction: "I just explain to people how my husband put his penis into my vagina and they get the point." — Cafe MicheleZ

  • Get to the Hospital Now!


    The rude comment: "You should really go to the hospital to get checked out. You must be in labor because you .... sneezed wrong, picked up something heavy, etc."

    The reaction: "This is my fourth kid. I think I'll know when it's time." — AK_aries

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