Gisele Bundchen Wore Her Regular Clothes When Pregnant

gisele bundchen

Scott Wintrow/Getty

Gisele Bundchen, 29, gave birth to her son Benjamin just 8 weeks ago (dad is football hunk Tom Brady), yet she's already back at work posing at photoshoots. Sigh.


The supermodel says she never wore maternity clothes. "I put on a little weight [throughout my pregnancy], but kept using almost the same clothes, with small adjustments on the stomach," she says. “I kept myself in good shape during the whole pregnancy, eating healthily, meditating, and doing exercises."

Small adjustments on the stomach?! In order to keep myself sane, I have to believe that this is all genetics. I exercised when I was pregnant and I gained 55 pounds. I was so big, I couldn't find maternity clothes that fit.

Many, many months after I gave birth, I tried on my maternity pants and about eight other people could have joined me in there, which would be fine if I were the Octomom—but I'm not.

Yes, I lost the weight, but still ... How can you not need maternity clothes when you're pregnant? I guess that's why she's a super model.

Are you wearing maternity— or bigger sized—clothes now?

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