Are You Giving Your Ob/Gyn (Doula, Midwife) a Gift?

silver pregnancy pendant

Photo from The Silver Diva

My doctor's office is covered in photos of the babies she's delivered. There are nice frames, cute cards, stuffed animals, all kinds of mementos—gifts from her patients. I didn't send her a thing after I gave birth because my feelings toward her weren't what you'd call warm. But I can understand how some women really bond with the person who helps bring their baby into the world and want to show their gratitude.


The Silver Diva, a mom of three, created this sterling silver pendant ($9.99 at The Silver Diva) when she was pregnant with her second child. It's a nice gift for a doula or midwife or Ob/Gyn—or even a pregnant friend.

Are you planning on giving your caregiver a gift? Have you given one in the past? What kiind of gift will you/did you give?

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