Congratulations, Slut


pregnancy card

Photo from Goat Cards

When you're pregnant, the congrats start rolling in—sometimes in the form of cards and presents. How would you like to get the card shown here? It's so pretty on the outside. When you open it up, it says:


pregnancy congrats card

Photo from Goat Cards

I think it's hysterical. I would laugh if someone gave it to me, but I know not everyone would find it funny so I'd only give it to certain friends.

Goat Cards makes another card that says, "You're Pregnant!" on the outside, and "Good luck with that" on the inside.

The cards cost $2.50 each (you can also find abrasively funny Thank You notes, Valentines, Birthday cards, and more).

How would you react if someone sent you the "slut" card?

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